My Curly Haired Savior

Hey! Hows it going? My name is Skylar and I'm 18 years old. I had recently moved to London from my home on the quiet North-Western New York coast. I have been a fan fan of One Direction but i have never seen them in concert let alone meet them.
Oh i forgot to tell you i have a serious medical condition called Anorexia Nervosa. Ever heard of it? Yeah I thought so. Well one day lets just my whole world flips around as i meet My Curly Haired Savior.
(this is my first movella so if you dont like it im so sorry just no hate please)
Thank you!!!! <3


5. Parties And New People

I was sitting in my room when I realized it was already 5:00 p.m.! I had to be ready in and hour and a half! I quickly ran into the shower, washing myself and my hair and quickly running out and finding a cute green sun-dress for the party. I decided to just brush my wavy hair and let it curl naturally. Make-up was never my favorite but hey, this is Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction were talking about. So i put on some lip gloss and eye shadow. I had to blow dry my hair so I would be ready in time but then I had to find a pair of shoes....... I found a adorable pair of strappy sandals and slid them on. By the time all that was done it was about 6:15. "OH CRAP!!!!!! I forgot to tell Sam I was going to a party!!!! Oh well, she'll find out sooner or later. Hopefully later.


I was waiting on the couch when the door bell rang. I got up and opened it to see a cheeky, smiling Harry. "Hello Skylar it's nice to see you again"

"And you too Harry" I tried to say as calmly as I could but he could tell I'm nervous.

"Hey there is no need to be nervous, just keep calm and breathe and you will make it through this."

"Alright"  I said. "Let's go"



We pulled up to a giant Mansion and I looked like a castle from the princess movies. "Wow" I said under my breath but Harry still heard. "It's beautiful huh?" He asked. "It's astounding" I say completely shocked on how majestic this one building looked.

As we walk inside we are greeted by all the other boys and their girlfriends;. I recognized some like Eleanor and Perrie and I have to say that they are just beautiful. I understand why they are dating Louis and Zayn. But, there was a girl with Liam and I have never seen her before. She introduced herself as Emily. She was 5'5 and she had lovely blond hair. She came up to me and hugged me saying "It's so nice to meet you!"

I just smiled and said " It's nice to meet you too! Oh and I'm Skylar by the way."

Emily was wearing a bright red lipstick that brought the amazing color in her eyes. She and the other girls were so pretty, I don't know how Harry likes me.

I went and sat down with El, Perrie, and Emily we were all laughing and having a good time until Perrie asked me if I was dating Harry. Then we went silent after I looked down wishing I was. But why would he ever like me?



The girls introduced themselves to Skylar and I have to say She looked absolutely stunning in the bright green dress. Her and Emily hit it off right away and it looks like they have become instant friends. Funny huh? The guys said that me and Skylar look good together but I told them that looks doesn't matter to me. The boys said I should ask her out. I want to, but I'm afraid she'll say no. But I want to so badly.




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