My Curly Haired Savior

Hey! Hows it going? My name is Skylar and I'm 18 years old. I had recently moved to London from my home on the quiet North-Western New York coast. I have been a fan fan of One Direction but i have never seen them in concert let alone meet them.
Oh i forgot to tell you i have a serious medical condition called Anorexia Nervosa. Ever heard of it? Yeah I thought so. Well one day lets just my whole world flips around as i meet My Curly Haired Savior.
(this is my first movella so if you dont like it im so sorry just no hate please)
Thank you!!!! <3


2. My New Best Friend And My Life Begins

So when I arrived I met my awesome roommate named Sam Fleck. She has become my new best friend already and its only been two days since I have arrived here. Sam is a very pretty girl, she is 5'7 with long blond hair half way down her back that is naturally straight.She has amazing blue/green eyes that shine in the sunlight. Sam is a very skinny girl but she is healthy, every other day she has soccer practice for her college team. I go to watch her games now and she is extremely talented when it comes soccer I wish I was as good as her but I more of a basketball/volleyball kind of girl because of my height. Anyway, I can trust Sam with anything, I feel so close to her already like I've known her my whole life. When I lived back in New York I had my first boyfriend named Thomas. I loved him so much but when we had our prom he stood me up to take my "so called" friend Jessica Davis. H e left me heart-broken I still miss him but I told Sam everything and she completely gets me. 


Since I have arrived I have a found a university that I shall soon attend to start my new future. I have also joined  my schools varsity volleyball team and I'm so excited!! Recently I have gotten a job at a local StarBucks when a certain "interesting" customer walks in.






Authors note

Hey guyz it's about 2:03 in the morning and sadly i have school tomorrow. I'M SCREWED!!!!!!

hope you like it I'm writing another chapter now so it'll be up soon <3 luv ya


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