My Curly Haired Savior

Hey! Hows it going? My name is Skylar and I'm 18 years old. I had recently moved to London from my home on the quiet North-Western New York coast. I have been a fan fan of One Direction but i have never seen them in concert let alone meet them.
Oh i forgot to tell you i have a serious medical condition called Anorexia Nervosa. Ever heard of it? Yeah I thought so. Well one day lets just my whole world flips around as i meet My Curly Haired Savior.
(this is my first movella so if you dont like it im so sorry just no hate please)
Thank you!!!! <3


7. Calling


It was about seven thirty  in the morning when I heard the song "C'mon C'mon" start playing......... my phone. "UGH" I yelled because no one could hear me :). I seriously was not in the mood to talk to anyone right now, not even Sam. After it had stopped ringing I yelled "Thank God!!!!" and slowly drifted off to sleep once more.


I tried calling her but she won't answer me!!!!! I thinks she's mad at me, but why would she? I don't think I did anything wrong but   I will do everything to find out. So it's about eleven thirty in the morning and still no reply from my beautiful Skylar. I was starting to get worried "Oh No! What if something happened to her!!!!" I grabbed my keys and ran out to my car. I finally made it to Skylar's flat, I pounded on the door when it suddenly opened. "What do you wa-Oh my! You're Harry Styles!" Squealed a pretty blond girl who looked about Skylar's age. But I paid no attention to her and ran past her uo the stairs bursting through the door afraid of what Skylar may have done to herself. When I open it I find her sleeping in her bed and i just have to say DAMN she was cute even in her pj's and bed head!!  Just then the blond girl caught me and dragged me out to the hallway. She pushed me up against the wall and wispered in an angry tone "What are you doing here! I know you like Skylar because it's pretty obvious but when she got home last night she went to bed crying because of you! So why are you even here!!??". I tried to respond but nothing came out because I was shocked that Skylar was crying because of me. "I-I didn't kn-know that sh-she was cr-cr-crying" I try to spit out but the tears came to me and I couldn't hold back knowing in just a few days I made this girls life a living hell. I suddenly fell to the floor when I heard the sweet angelic voice of my Skylar. "Whats going on out here Sa-"She pauses staring at me on the floor without saying a word. 



I woke up to people trying to be quiet with a conversation but failed. I slowly got up out of bed and heard Sam and..... a boy? I thought maybe Conrad was here so I said"Whats going on out here Sa-" but then I saw him sitting on the floor with his head in his hands crying. I couldn't say anything I wouldn't even know what to say. I have seen this seen before (Flashback) I walked into his house waiting for him so we could to the prom when his mother said that he already left. "What?!?? He was taking me to the dance I mean I am his girlfriend!" His mother just looked down and mouthed the words "I'm sorry"

I showed up at the dance alone and saw Tom  there dancing with..... JESSICA DAVIS!!!! I couldn't hold it in. I ran up to him and yelled in his face "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!!!! TOM YOU BASTARD I'M YOUR GIRLFRIEND NOT THIS SLUT!! BUT I GUESS THAT DOESN'T MATTER TO YOU DOES IT??!! I FEEL LIKE SUCH AN IDIOT! HOW COULD I HAVE TRUSTED YOU!! Once i had that out he just stared and said "I'm sorry Sky but.....-" "BUT NOTHING" I yelled "I can't believe you did this to me! I thought I was your babySky and you were my TommyTrain. But I guess things change." By now everybody in the room was staring at me and I honestly didn't give a shit. Then I whispered "I thought we loved eachother but I guess I was the fool" With that I walked out of the prom and back to my house where I cried for two days. After two days Tom had the balls to show up at my door, "Sky let me in please!" He pleaded. "No" I yelled trying to hold back the tears showing I was stronger even though I wasn't. Then I heard sobbing so I opened the door to find Tom sitting with his head in his hands. He looked and choked out "I'm so sorry Skylar. Take me back?" (end of flashback)

Suddenly I was brought back to present time to see Harry Styles sitting in my flat crying on the floor and I didn't even know why when he said "I'm so sorry Skylar." That phrase brought back too many bad memories so I burst into silent tears and closed my bedroom door leaving Harry and Sam in the hallway. The memories from Tom and the memories from last night with Harry had filled my mind. I was thinking that if I had let myself fall for Harry I would just end up getting hurt all over and frankly I don't I'm strong enough for that.



Hey guyz I know this was a longer chapter but I had to put alot in it so I could fill some gaps. I didn't realize how sad it was until I read it over. Hope you like it!

Luv Ya <3


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