Not Your Choice

Moving to London is one of the most regretfully decisions Peyton had agreed to. Until she found out her new next door neighbor is the famous Niall Horon. Explore the life of Peyton Sanchez as a newcomer in the world of directioners 101!

(Tell me what you think and what should happen next! :P)


2. My Usual Morning

 When the scream of my baby sister woke me i turned my head toward the clock and rubbed my eyes. I saw that it was only about 3:10ish. Then I started to wonder why the smell of pancakes was brought upon me and the screams of my baby sister was at 3:00 in the morning. Turning once more to look at the clock I rubbed my eyes a little more. "huh?" I questioned myself.

I looked just a little closer.... "OMG IT'S 8:50!?" I screamed jumping out of bed.

I quickly put together probably the ugliest outfit ever grabbed my backpack and a dry pancake ran out the door almost missing the bus.As i ran out the door i screamed "bye mom love you!"

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