It's 2084, on Earth anyways. Harry Styles is in heaven. And has been... for a long time.


2. 2084

Harry sat on a bench. He was dressed in exactly what he had been wearing seventy years ago, hadn't changed.

Across the way, there was a club. Parties took place there every night. Women, music, food... what more could you ask for in a late night festivity? But Harry never went there. He didn't want the lush living. That was what had ended him. So he sat on the cold bench across the street, watching people he knew spend the time of their lives.

He knew three boys in particular. They had been his friends at one point. Now, he seemed invisible to them. They passed him every night twice. Once on their way to the parties, once on their way home. Typically on the second run, they were very wasted, and he didn't expect them to take note of any of their surroundings. But they did pass him while they were sober, and they seemed to look directly through him.

One of them still remained on Earth. One of his companions, prior to his death. He awaited the day he would enter the gates, as he had waited for the other boys. He watched them come into their new life, after their first had come to a close, and he had been anxiously sitting on this exact bench, hoping that one of them would acknowledge him. One of them would come over to sit with him, and reminisce on the good times they had had. But it never happened.

He watched the lights in the building change colors. Pink, purple, blue, green. He couldn't even imagine the parties that were occurring in there. He had no desire to go however. No desire to meet new women, though since he had been up here, many had thrown themselves at him. He had tasted love once, and he did not want to lose that sweet feeling. He would not wash away his love. Though he had watched her pass by him too. Never even glancing at him. She was with another man, someone he yearned to trade places with.


The voice seemed to come from nothing, there was no one around. Harry put his head in his hands. Great, now he was hearing things.


He looked towards the gates. There, standing behind them was an old friend.

"Zayn!" Harry exclaimed and ran to him. His legs were weird to walk on, he hadn't used them in nearly seventy years.

"Harry! You need to help me! I can't get in!" Zayn was still very old, he had died of natural deaths, something Harry would have loved to take advantage of.

"Hold on." Harry walked to the back of the tower next to the gates. He pushed a few buttons into the side, and allowed the gates to open.

"How did you do that?" Zayn asked, when Harry came back around to meet him. As soon as Zayn had crossed the barrier, his youth had been returned to him, and he looked exactly as he had in 2014, the last time he had seen him.

"I just put in a passcode. Sometimes the gates dysfunction and deem someone unworthy to join us up here, due to things they have done in their previous life, even though this person may have been innocent. I learned how to fix the glitch, and that's what I pressed into the pad." Harry explained.

"Where are we?" Zayn looked at the club and the surrounding area. It looked exactly like Earth had, or at least how it had when Harry left it, but he could still understand how it could be a bit of a shock to Zayn. "Is this heaven?"

Harry shrugged. "No one's really sure. It's never been explained."

Zayn nodded. There was a moment of silence between the two friends, something neither of the two wished to disrupt. It was nice just to be in each other's presence.

"Where's the other boys?" Zayn asked, when the silence became too much to bear.

Harry didn't speak, he only pointed to the skyscraper towering in front of them.

Zayn began to walk towards the building, but stopped when he realized Harry wasn't following him.

"C'mon Harry, don't you want to see them? I can't even imagine the parties Lou's been throwing. When I left El was still pretty heartbroken, it was pretty recent, and she didn't have anyone left with her, all the kids left the house. I don't know how Perrie'll do.. maybe they'll keep each other company. Is Dani here too?" Zayn rattled on, but began to quiet when Harry didn't respond. He only looked at his feet.

"I don't know." was all Harry replied.

"Well, let's go see them, yeah?" Zayn moved to pull him up.

Harry shrugged him off. "They don't want to see me."

Before Zayn could ask any questions, the boys came walking out of the doors. Surprising to Harry, they were not drunk. Zayn ran to them.

"Boys! Hey!" He called. They turned their heads, Niall's was cocked, confused.

"Zayn?" Louis asked.

That was all Harry could hear from where he sat. He watched them hug each other, a cheerful reunion. They laughed for a few moments, before Zayn began speaking to them. He finished, and all heads turned to where Harry was sitting. He looked down, a tear sliding down his cheek. They had finally seen him.

"Harry?" The voice was shaky. "Is that really you?"

He looked up. Liam stood over him, his eyes becoming suddenly very watery.

Harry tried to manage a smile, and that was apparently a good enough sign for Liam. He gripped him in a tight hug, just as the other boys walked over. Louis was the last to approach.

"I thought I had seen you," He whispered. "But I wasn't sure if it was you, because you never showed any signs of the Harry we knew. You sat alone all the time. You looked so..."

"Depressed." Harry finished.

Louis smiled at the sound of his voice. "God, come here you bloody bastard. I've missed you so much!" Louis engulfed him in a bear hug.

When their embrace released, the boys all took a seat around a table next to Harry's bench. Even Harry himself moved to sit with his former bandmates.

"It's been a while." Liam started, fiddling with his fingers.

"Yeah." Niall agreed. The rest of the table was silent.

Zayn exhaled and looked to Harry. "Look, Harry, I've been meaning to tell you something. When you died, that man not only killed you, he killed us, he killed our band, and he killed her."

Harry cringed at the mention of her, and turned his attention back to Zayn.

"None of us knew what to do with ourselves. We couldn't sing anymore, that was a given, we couldn't let go of each other, and we couldn't just let your death sit like that. We wanted to do something." The boys nodded in agreement. "We set up a huge wake, and a huge funeral. Two of each, actually. One for family and friends, one for fans. The turnout was amazing. I don't think you really knew how much everyone loved you."

Harry looked at the table. He didn't know how to react. He didn't want to react. His hand found the buttons on his shirt, and through them he could feel the hole in his chest. Where the bullet had found it's target.

Louis noticed his movements. "You did always say you wanted us to be like the Beatles."

"But not like John Lennon!" Harry laughed, and the boys joined in.

"Anyway, we tried to console her, you know," Liam started, and Harry nodded. "but she pushed us all away. We knew that it was hard for her, so we gave her time. Time to think it all over, come to terms with the fact you were gone." Liam shifted in his seat. "But she didn't. She went to clubs every night. She got drunk, she went home with different men. It was horrible to watch. She was ruining her life." Liam stopped and looked for Harry's reaction. There was none, so he continued. "We tried to intervene, to get her to see what she was doing, but she threatened to hurt us if we tried to talk her out of anything."

"Eleanor was still friends with her at that point, and she'd come home in tears, saying that it was so unlike her to be like this." Louis continued. "She said she found drugs and cigarettes in her bedroom."

Harry bit his lip. When he died, he hadn't known that this is what had happened to her. It was awful, she never had been one to turn to drugs for anything.

"It only got worse. She lost contact with us. Stopped seeing Eleanor. We were cut off, Harry." Liam exhaled. "We were notified a few months after however, that she committed suicide in bar."

Harry caught his breath. He hadn't actually noticed when she had entered, he had only seen her around. He didn't know that their deaths had been so close together.

"We were her only contacts in her phone, other than drug dealers, and they weren't going to inform them of her death, so we were given her body and her possessions, as she had no will." Liam began again. "We buried her nicely, Harry. We gave her a proper funeral."

"When we saw her... here," Louis took control of the story. "she apologized to us. She said she had never meant to be so cruel, and she didn't want to push us away. She wanted to see you, but we didn't know where you were."

The boys only glanced at one another after that, no one continued.

"Then what?" Harry asked, impatient.

Liam exhaled. "She--she said she fell in love again, and not to worry about her. She wanted to see you, just to tie any loose ends, but she said that she would never be able to love you again. You reminded her too much about her past life."

Harry's hand found the box in his pocket. It hadn't moved. Not since that day.

"I'm sorry." Liam whispered.

Harry opened his mouth to speak, but just as he tried, another voice cut him off.


He looked up slowly, recognizing the voice.

"Erin," He said, nearly a whisper. "it's been a while."

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