It happens

Meet Lilly, she's 17 years old, blonde hair blue eyed, innocent sweetheart. Her mother died and her father is her hero. Or is he?

Meet Luke, he just turned 18. Black hair and bright blue eyes, tough and hard headed. Luke has way more problems then his outside will show, but when he meets Lilly, he succumbs to her innocence and beauty. What will she unfold. In this romance about a love that would have never happened if it wasn't for one, long night.


1. Aren't I supposed to be a good girl?

"Lilly, come down stairs!" dad yelled from the bottom of the steps, I was upstairs in my room playing my guitar. I came running down the steps really fast. 

"Yeah dad?" 

"Get dressed in something nice, we are gonna go out to eat tonight, I have to talk to you abut something really important."

I walked back up the stairs, I graduated from high school yesterday, maybe it was a graduation present! I got really excited and ran into my room and got a nice white dress on with brown cowboy boots, perfect. I smirked in the mirror. I grabbed my diary and wrote what was going on tonight and then I walked down stairs.

I decided that I was going to drive my truck and meet my dad there. 

When I pulled up, he was waiting for me, we walked in together and sat at a booth alone. 

"Lil, I have an important question."

"Yeah dad?!" I giggled hoping it was something about a present. 

"I know you just graduated and it's summer, but do you want to move with me? I'm moving to New York for the summer, just for work, then I'm coming home, and since mom isn't with us, I want you too come."

my smile disappeared. "Dad, me? A girl raised in South Carolina, you think I'd do good in New York? I could never survive there. plus, i have a job and things to take care of here, mom's in that house with me." My mom died two years ago of cancer.  "I'm sorry dad, but I have to stay."

"Lil, please come. I'll miss you too much."

"I'm sure you'll be fine, it's just the summer." I started to get all teary eyed so i ran out and got in my truck and drove away, I drove down to my barn and got on my horse. His name was Bounty. I rode him whenever I could, bad days, bad moments, he helped me so much. I saddled up and rode out to our favorite lake. 

There was a boy there. 

"Ehhmm. Who are you?  And why are you at this lake? This is my grandmothers lake..."

He turned around, and my mouth dropped open slowly. He had black hair and bright blue eyes. strong and sexy. He looked like the same thing ran through his mind when he saw me. I had blue eyes, and blonde hair, not super model material, but I was told I was very pretty. 

"Uh, I'm Luke. I'm sorry I'm here darlin' I come down here when i have a bad day."

"Yeah, same here, i like to be alone." i hint. 

"It sure is beautiful." he looks me right in the eyes as he says it. 

"My names Lilly." I smiled softly.

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