What was the real story of Cinderella?

Just a rather realistic story to Cinderella mature content -


4. The Royal Ball

         Cinderella took a step towards her bed and hid the necklace under her bed. "Cinderella get your butt down here now!" Hilda shouted. "Coming!" she replied and ran downstairs

"What?" she asked

"I need some iced tea. Get it"

"Okay fine."

she grabbed the iced tea and spiked it with vinegar (which Hilda is allergic to.) "here you go."

"Thanks peasant haha."

"Looks like the last laugh will be on you."She murmured.

Hilda took a sip and jumped up

"What is this!!!!"

"Iced tea, like you asked."

"Then why is my mouth puffing up!?"

"How should I know mother?" she giggled

"Whats sooooo funnnyyy!?" she slurred

"Haha!" Cinderella bursted out laughing.

"Callllll Theeee ambulanceeeeeee!"

"Whats that Hilda?"

Hilda smacked her

"Get your lousy hands off of me Hilda!"

Cinderella ran outside but before she left she saw a man deliver a little red letter. She took it out of the mail and saw it was for her, opened it up and it said "You are invited to the royal kings ball this friday at 9:00 Pm.

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