What was the real story of Cinderella?

Just a rather realistic story to Cinderella mature content -


5. Letting it go.

        Cinderella lifted it up and saw her two step-sisters where invited too. "Oh great." "It doesn't matter anyways, I won't ever find a dress or a mask." 

"Or will you?" a hushed woman's voiced called

"Who's that!"

"Well dear, I'm your fairy godmother."

"Whats that?"

"We grant you wishes."

"What! really?"

"Oh yes. Anything, You only have a hour to get ready so put this on."

"What on?"

"A bibbyity bobitty boo!"

Cinderella's Dress was changed into a dazzling dress with glass slippers.


"Haha, Now get in the pumpkin carriage and be on your way!"

"Thank you!"

"Remember the spell ends at Midnight!"

Cinderella drove off onto the ball.

        When she got there, it was a wonderful blue castle with sparkly entry way. She got inside and watched the prince, and saw her two step-sisters drooling over him. He grabbed Cinderella and started dancing rather gracefully with him, as if they where forever together. 

"Your so good on your feet." The prince said.

"Why thank you."

"I also like your glass slippers."

"Oh you do? Thank you." 

They danced for awhile longer and it had became eleven fifty-nine.

"I have to go!" Cinderella screamed and ran off

"Wait! Whats your name." He chased after her but all she left was her glass slipper.

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