What was the real story of Cinderella?

Just a rather realistic story to Cinderella mature content -


3. Ah What a wonderful life -.-

       The next few years was a living hell. Cinderella would clean up and down the house everyday, as her Mary and Anna would walk right through the floor she had just cleaned. "Hilda! why don't you ever help me?" she asked

"Because you're self centered and I don't love you."

"Hilda! How dare you say that uncouth thing! I'm only twenty years old, You won't let me get a job, or go to college and I'll just be having to clean for you all my life!"

"Oh little Cinderella, you have thought it all out haven't you?"

"I do now and I will not stand for this! I'm leaving."

"Oh no you won't! look at the will."


"Haha darling, I own you."

"That can't be so."

"It is! now get back to work!"

Cinderella started cleaning the stair case

"Hi little poor girl!" Anna called

"You need to clean my room today." Mary told her

"But Mary! I have yet cleaned your room yesterday."

"I messed it up again, just for you, she chuckled.

Cinderella went up into Mary's room and started cleaning. She found a brown box with black letters on it she opened it up without a slittiest peep from her mouth, she found a pink heart necklace a put it on her. "Oh its so beautiful!" she announced she put it in her basket and went into her room. 


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