My Beautiful Bully

Hi. My name is Kayla Forara. I go to ClanerVille High School where I get bullied by Niall James Horan. He bully's me everyday all the time. Why do I put up with him? I put up with him because he used to be my best friend, and I love him. Yes I know it's stupied to love you bully, but he's beautiful. He's my beutiful bully.


2. Just Another Day. Or Not

"Kayla sweetheart, wake up.'' My mum gently pushed me. I slowly open my eyes. "Good morning.'' I say. "Morning.'' She smiles sweetly. I get up and walk into my bathroom. I take a shower, dry and curl my hair and dress in Skinny jeans and a "Live Love Dream'' tank from Areo and Vans. "Don't you look lovley." My mum smiles at me. "Thanks mum.'' I smile back. "I'll see you later, Love you.'' She pushes me out the door to my best friend, Layla. "Hey KayKay.'' She smiles. "Hey LayLay.'' I smile and link our arms' We go and pick up Jessie, and Carieann, linking all our arms together we walk happliy to school.

"Hi Whalrus.'' Niall's Irish accent breaks through the American accent filled hallway. I turn and shut my locker with my foot. "Was that to impress me?" He smirks. I roll my eyes and try to go aroung him. ''Why won't you talk to me babe, don't you love me?" His smile becomes bigger, reminding me almost of a deranged clown. "Move Horan.'' I say through my teeth. He just laughs. My anger boils. "What happened to you? What happened to the wouldnt hurt a fly Niall, or the Niall that saved my life? You know if you hate me that much you should have left me!" I yell at him, tears brew in my eyes, I turn and walk swiftly away from him and down the stairs.

"Kayla wait!" I hear Niall yell after me. I keep walking into the woods. "Leave me alone Niall.'' My voice cracks. "No.'' He puts his hand on my sholuder. I shake him away and run through the trees into the clearing. "Slow down!" He gasps. I turn around and he is laying down in the mess of tree roots. Half of me wants to run and leave him, But I deniy that part that is dying to help him. I sigh and throw my stuff down, walking over and kneeling beside him. "Leave me.'' He shakes his head. I look at his face with is red and puffy, tears stream from eyes. 'Niall I'm not leaving you.'' I say softly. "Why? I've been so bad to you." He crys. I shake my head. "I deserved it.'' I simply say. "No you dont.'' He takes my face in his hands.

I snip the last root off his ankle and he grabs me, putting me on the ground under him, his body hovering over me. ''Kayla, your beutiful, smart, amazing, funny, talented, witty, and I love you.'' He says as he closes the space between us with a kiss. "Niall.'' I mutter. "You don't love me back, ha, of coures you dont.'' He closes his eyes as his tears stream down and fall on my face. "No.'' I shake my head. "I love you.''  I say and kiss him, wraping a hand around his neck. He grabs my waist and kisses back. I pull away and smile, wiping his tears with my thumb. "I've always loved you.'' I whisper.

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