My Beautiful Bully

Hi. My name is Kayla Forara. I go to ClanerVille High School where I get bullied by Niall James Horan. He bully's me everyday all the time. Why do I put up with him? I put up with him because he used to be my best friend, and I love him. Yes I know it's stupied to love you bully, but he's beautiful. He's my beutiful bully.


1. About Me

Name- Kayla Forara Age- 18 Eye Color- Light Brown Hair Color- Blonde/brown Siblings- None Mother's Name- Irena Father's Name- Kevin Place Of Birth- Dublin Ireland Fears- Heights, tight spaces, airplains, spiders Likes- Music, Singing, Drawing Best Friends- Jessie, Layla, Carieann I used to be best friends with Niall Horan. From First to Sixth year we were insepertable. Now he bullys me on a daily basies. Only thing is, I still love him...
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