The One I Loved Dearly a.k.a Unkown Love

This is about a high school girl and a high school boy who are both sophomores. This is about a girl (alexa smith) whose always loved this boy and she's always thinking of him ( jake Conley)but what she doesn't know is that he likes her back and thinks of her too! And one day all of that changes when Alexa almost getting run over and being clueless while reading a book while crossing the street. This is my first fan fix please don't write rude or unessasary comments please.


9. This Again?!

Chap 9: This Again?!

Alexa's POV

We walked out as second period ended. We were holding hands as we walked into third. I made sure I did this homework right in second period so I wouldn't make a fool of myself infront of Jake no more. That was embarrassing and made me feel like an idiot infront of him. He even lost his grade for it too. I felt horrible. We walked in to class. The slutty girls looked at us as we were holding hands. They ughed us as Jake was like the most popular guy on the block now. Since he's a jock now. I was planning to become a cheerleader but eh, too Much ,uh work. but Madison is a cheerleader. That's probably why Jackson's all for her. Yolo. But I felt really bad for Jake so after school I went out shopping to go look for a gift. I was walking to full out of my head to be looking out the street and that's when...

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