The One I Loved Dearly a.k.a Unkown Love

This is about a high school girl and a high school boy who are both sophomores. This is about a girl (alexa smith) whose always loved this boy and she's always thinking of him ( jake Conley)but what she doesn't know is that he likes her back and thinks of her too! And one day all of that changes when Alexa almost getting run over and being clueless while reading a book while crossing the street. This is my first fan fix please don't write rude or unessasary comments please.


1. The One I Loved Dearly a.k.a Unkown Love

Hey guys! This if my first ever wattpad story so please don't hate... Thank you! CHAP 1 Alexa's POV Today: march 22 Hey i'm Alexa. I have brown hair with blonde highlights, I'm getting them redone to blue, purple and pink but I was thinking that's too much. Anyways I have blue eyes and pale white skin and no everyone I am not a vampire like you people say i am, but the thing is i have the curves but i'm skinny as fuck which doesn't make sense. And here's my story.... I was getting ready for school and ready to see him... Jake Conley the boy that I've always dreamed of dating but I just guess he never notices me... Today is a horrible day which is Friday! Yuck I hate Fridays. They are horrible when your thinking about the one you love! which he doesn't even know I exist. So let me back up the story here. In 8th grade I first laid eyes on him with was 2 years ago because I'm a sophomore now. I go to this school called McKinley high. My parents both mom and dad work as doctors so we get money all over but sometimes they can come home pretty late. Then there's my sister Evelyne she is the most annoying and nicest sister in the world but she listens to my instructions and we talk about some girl stuff but other than that she can get me pretty pissed off sometimes. Well I'd like to talk about my family some more but i've got to get to school which is a 20 minute long walk but 5 minutes by car. Before I was getting out of the house I makes sure I looked pretty just for jake even if he never looks I try to use my charm. To be honest I just wanted to date the guy, I was madly madly in love with Jake Conley. As I was exiting the house and locking the door there I saw a figure at the corner of my eye across the street. It was him. Jake Conley. Jake's POV She was stunning. Just had the greatest moment that lasted for about 15 seconds. I may sound like a creep but here I was knowing where Alexa lives and loving her deeply but she probably doesn't know that I even exist. Hey my names jake Conley. I have blonde flippy hair but not like Justin's. I have well 2 brothers that are all older than me and look like me. But hey i have a twin who came out first and i came out second so that makes him older. I live just 4 houses down from hers ( Alexa's) and it was great. I'm 15 going on 16 just like Alexa is. Knowing we're closer in age makes me happy because that means I can date her... If she even knows that I like her. We've been in the same neighborhood for about 7 years now which means I was 8 and she didn't even know I existed, just like now when she doesn't know that i'm existing right now.... But that's going to change someday. Since we went to the same school I would see her around sometimes anywhere and everywhere at school. Just the perfect day when I ask her to be my girlfriend and go on a date with me on the very perfect day which is..... Damn, I don't even know what day that is. Shit, I think I should rethink and write a date and practice how to talk to her... WITH A STUFFED BEAR?!?! Damn this is just like that one episode of that's so raven when cory kissed that stuffed bear... Gross maybe I should just leave it without the kissing part... Alexa's POV I was at school looking for my friends Lauren and Maddie but I couldn't seem to find them then I looked at my schedule to make sure I had all my classes down even though I went here last year. I just need to make sure. I went into my 1st period which was biology with mr. Thompson. He was either in his 50's or 60's. But anyway right when the bell rang to go to class I went in his room and saw a familiar figure where did I see this face...... OMFG HOW COULD I FORGET! IT WAS JAKE CONLEY! Omg what was he doing here in my class?!? This couldn't of been happening so I tried to act normal and tried looking for a seat but the other kids took the seats. The only open seat was the one next to Jake on his left... Oh no! What should I do?! Well, I don't want to make a fool out of myself so I sat next to him as his eyes beamed at me watching me sit next to him. " hi" I said softly but loud enough for him to hear, I added a warm smile to that and he did the same. And that's when my life was changed forever just by that day. Jake's POV So I went to school and went in to 1st period while I was waiting for that stupid bell to ring I saw a very familiar figure walk in as she rushed in. IT WAS ALEXA SMITH! Oh My Fucking God! I can't believe what I have just seen! Even though I have just sounded like a girl saying that in my head I still can't believe what I've seen! Is this reality or is it only just a dream?! I can't tell! Either way I paid all the guys around me to move and leave a seat for her near me. But she didn't notice because she was talking to that old geezer mr.Thompson and doing her paper work with him. After she was done she looked around as she looked sad and looked around again and found a seat next to me. She had a little shocked moment and I was wondering if she hated me or something but she started walking over and sat down. She looked over at me as I was watching her as she sat and then she smiled at me and said hi softly but loud enough so it could reach my ear and i did the same. And that's when my day started getting interesting... Alexa's POV Where I sat was where I truly dreamed of.. Plus I'm sitting next to my friends Lauren and Maddie my two best friends since kindergarten. They gave me the" ooh-gurrlll-your-sitting-next-to-prince-charming" look and I just ignored them but it made me laugh a little and a smile played on my lips as I sat there next to the guy i liked looking like a retard smiling at the ground. Then Maddie whispered in my ear " the way u smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know oh oh! you don't know your madly in love!" and I started blushing big time and everyone saw it as I started to lay my head on my hand on my desk. Then Jake looked at me and I was like fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! don't look at me! it's not a good time to look but it all happened in slo-mo. I was like why is this happening to ME I mean there's hundreds and thousands of girls who go here and out of the hundred thousand I'm chosen for this embarrassing moment to happen. Just as I'm waiting for it to end Jake asked me " are you ok?" and I replied "yea, thanks for asking." and he replied "anytime" and gave a gentle smile to me. I was like omg did he just say anytime? That was fucking incredible!!!! Then I looked at Maddie and she stated doing this weird thing with her eyebrows telling me that he's interested but I didn't buy that. I still got a lot to learn if I wanted to date him. Maddie's POV Hey i'm Maddie. I'm 15 also a sophomore and was Lexa's best friend! We always talked to each other about everything and she told me her problems and I told her mine. I have light brown hair with green eyes. And here's how my story begins.... I looked at Lexa and did the "interested" look and she was blushing big time! I was like : and that's how you embarrass your friend big time! Haha but I sorta felt bad cause everyone started to look at her and I was like in my head saying : hey don't look at her she may be beautiful but if you guys keep looking your gonna burn holes through her! And so my thoughts took the best of me and me. Thompson asked Alexa " are you alright? Do you need to go to the nurse?" Alexa replied " no I'm fine" and then he said " I think you better go... All that blood rushing up to your head is going to make you faint! And so she went but while she was a out to exit the door Jake said " I'll walk her there so she doesn't faint on the way" and that's when Alexa fainted and I was like "omigod!" Jake's POV So in class mr. Thompson asked Alexa if she wanted to go to the nurses office and she denied the offer but mr. Thompson wasn't letting go of her that easily! He told her to go and so she went but rut before she was about to exit I asked if I can escort her to the nurse's office and he approved of the offer and I looked at Alexa but she was already fainted! So I had to carry her to the nurses office and I waited there even though the nurse told me that I could leave. I denied the offer and wanted to stay here with my one and only Alexa.... The bell rang to go to 2nd period and I was like holy crap! My stuff and Alexa's stuff! Just when I thought of that her friends Maddie and Lauren came with what seems like Alexa's stuff and my stuff. " thanks" I said to them and smiled. They both said "you're welcome" and Maddie said " take good care of her because she's in great sorrow to be fainted like this right now..." "ok" I replied and they left leaving me the nurse and Alexa all alone in the nurses office. Lauren's POV Hey I'm Lauren I have dirty blonde hair and black eyes I have 3 siblings 1 sister and 2 brothers. Yeah they're annoying REALLY annoying. But anyways "I hope they're ok" I said as I was walking with Maddie to 2nd period. She replies "she'll be fine as long as she's got him(Jake) in the room" And I replied with a "...." nothing came out of my mouth as I trusted Maddie on this one. Alexa's POV My head hurt as I got up from what seemed like the nurse room. I looked around to see Jake sleeping next to me like he was my boyfriend... Anyways he woke up when I did and he said " oh you're awake!" he said happily and full with joy. " are you okay?" he asked worried and concerned. I nodded my head and went along with the mysterious transportation to the nurses office. I asked him curiously how I got here and he said that I fainted so he carried me here. I was in shock as I thought I was heavy to him but it's alright as long as I'm safe here with him. :) " also..." he spoke making me look at him, as he continued he says " if you need someone other than your friends I'm here... I hope you keep that in mind..." he started to blush as he grabbed my stuff and his stuff both and said " hey we have 5 classes together! Now come on let's go to 2nd period together." I nodded and followed him out the nurses office... Jake's POV I'm so glad that she's ok and that she knows I'm here for her even though we've just started talking to each other but it seemed like a lifetime that I've talked to her. I told her that we should get going to 2nd period which was Math with mrs. Doughty. Again as we did in bio. We sat next to each other. It was an turning out to be quite an amazing day as I sat next to this amazing, smart, and "beautiful" girl. I can't stop staring at her but I noticed that while I was thinking of her I said beautiful out loud!! I can't believe it! Ok just try to calm down and maybe she'll just think I was talking to myself but no... She was right on staring at me as I was was starting to blush! Damn I didn't even know boys blush... But right when she asked "beautiful what?" I quickly responded and said " beautiful pencil".... After she replied thanks I was thinking in my head 'DAMN WHY DID I SAY PENCIL?!? THAT'S JUST STUPID! I COULD'VE SAID NECKLACE OR SOMETHING!!! But wait she doesn't have a necklace.... This is awkward. Alexa's POV Um... Did he just say he like my pencil? Well this pencil is from a Japan store and you know Asian pencils are cute. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ so I thanked him for the compliment and went on with my math studies. Today we were learning about y-intercepts and x-intercepts and defining the slope! I forgot how to do this during the summer! Damn now how am I going to do my work..? I had no idea how to do this but when I looked over to Jake it seemed like he knew how to do it so I asked him all these questions and we did the worksheet together. And that's how my day went with the amazing Jake Conley. PLEASE VOTE IT WOULD HELP ALOT! (⌒▽⌒)
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