The One I Loved Dearly a.k.a Unkown Love

This is about a high school girl and a high school boy who are both sophomores. This is about a girl (alexa smith) whose always loved this boy and she's always thinking of him ( jake Conley)but what she doesn't know is that he likes her back and thinks of her too! And one day all of that changes when Alexa almost getting run over and being clueless while reading a book while crossing the street. This is my first fan fix please don't write rude or unessasary comments please.


8. The Movie...

Jake's POV


I started to walk in to her house as the morning came. She kissed me like always and I kissed her back. That movie was so scary I'm sort of scared that she might get bit by a devil and turn into one. I thought of who and when it could happen to. But I never really thought of it during school. I never want that to happen to my love but if it ever does. I'd Rather Die With The One I Love Than Die Alone.



Alexa's POV


I was already ready as Jake came in. I was just sittin thinking about that movie. That was a hella scary movie. I was about to shit and pee my pants XD. I never actually thought it would be that scary but it was anyway. We were on our way to school. We saw some weird guys walking as we walked across the accident site. We were going through the street where there weren't caution lines and got to a different and more safer way to school. I mean... You know you never know when theres going to be a piece of glass... We walked as Maddie was crazily in the corner with Jackson. Hope she's safe...


Jake's POV


We were walking as I saw my brother and Maddie eating their faces off in the corner of her house. I just ignored them as I walked with Alexa. We were talking about stuff until I brought up the word homework. She forgot to do it and needed to copy off of me. I let her see my papers as she speedily copied them down. She 'finished' her homework and we went to class. We walked in as she looked like she saw a unicorn flying but in a more scared way like she saw the grim reaper... It's weird. First she was all happy like surrounded by unicorns and shit but now shes like... Death. 

I asked her what was wrong and she said that she copied down the wrong answers for the wrong homework! Aha thats hilarious.


Alexa's POV


I did the wrong shit! Man what am I going to do now?! I already walked into class an sat down. I looked over at Jake as he handed me his paper which he erased his name off of... I looked at him surprised as he just looked at me and said take it as the teach was comin around. I did as I was told and took it... I felt so bad for him! But it was so romantic at the same time! I told him that I wasn't going to accept it but he just went on when the teacher was coming. I quickly put my name on it and let it be. She checked our work and told Jake " what's happened to you lately? Not doing homework anymore? It's like you don care about school anymore!" I looked at him worried as it will affect his grade and not mine.... After the teacher left to the next row I decided to talk to him. I asked him if it was really ok and he replied back " anything for my love" and I just awed in my mind but in reality I was seriously worried about him, I mean why would he just hand over him paper and not care about his grade? Maybe it was just because I had a high B and he had a 100% A! I thought that he was just trying to get me to the same grade but nah he's just being a good boyfriend. I thought it was sweet and all but what about his grade? I mean even though he has a good grade and all he should still keep his grade at a maximum I mean he's a straight A student anyways... If that straight were to become unstraight I would be heartbroken and it would be all my fault. I wish I could just give it back to him by reversing time but the teacher has already passed. Dang I wish I could do something. I looked at Jake and he just gave me a warm smile and told me not to worry about it so I didn't that much. Mr. Thompson didn't usually act like this but... 

I guess it's just one of those days he has.... And I thought only girls had those times of months lol. 

He told us to take out a piece of paper and I wondered what he were doing... He said to put our names on it and ask your partner questions you've always wanted to know... Omg! This is just like the old days....

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