The One I Loved Dearly a.k.a Unkown Love

This is about a high school girl and a high school boy who are both sophomores. This is about a girl (alexa smith) whose always loved this boy and she's always thinking of him ( jake Conley)but what she doesn't know is that he likes her back and thinks of her too! And one day all of that changes when Alexa almost getting run over and being clueless while reading a book while crossing the street. This is my first fan fix please don't write rude or unessasary comments please.


7. Chap 7: The Movies


Chap 7: The Movie


Alexa's POV


I woke to that loud sound as I looked down at what seemed to be an accident and someone got ran over... I was in shock as my dad came in my room and asked me if I was alright. I replied " ya... What about you?" he nodded and looked over to my window... My phone vibrated as I got a worried text from Jake saying if I was alright... Guess he woke up too.. I mean who wouldn't wake up from drunkies doing stupid crap. I told him ya and he replied with a relieving ok. My dad called the police and I said ok and they arrived but the other alive drunkies were just standing around saying omg and cursing at the run over mates. When they arrived my dad went out the door and talked to the police officer what happened. Then the officer nodded and just told my dad to go inside and that he would take care of it. He nodded at the police officer and went inside. He told me what had happened and just told me to go back to sleep. It was morning... Guess I fell asleep while all that commotion was rounding about...


Jake's POV


She texted me back she was alright and I was relieved to hear bout it. Then Jackson walked it my room to see the view and then he took out his phone... Guess he was texting Maddie. He was obsessed with her. Ever since he was talking to her she was obsessed and loved her.. Caring for her too much and loved her enough. I went for a water bottle next to my bed shelf and I deeply failed. Then after my attempt I also dropped my phone that vibrated after it landed on the floor.

Jackson's POV


OMG MY BABY! Lol that sounded gay. I wish I could run over to her but I just couldn't... Why not? Because there're stupid drunk addicts and hoes down there where I'm about to run... I texted Maddie just to see if she was alright and she was... THANK GOD!


Maddie's POV


It was loud as hell and I was just laying there groaning. I got a text from my love as I picked up my phone. He asked if I was alright. I replied ya. I thought it was great that he cared and wanted to be there for me as I was near the accident. I hope Alexa was alright.


Evelyne's POV


I heard an accident happen right in front of my house. I went into my sisters room as she looked startled at my appearance. I asked what happened and if she's alright... But just by looking at her she looked just fine. She said that some drunkies were walking and then they got run over buy another drunkie! I guess it's just a bad turn of events today because I got rejected... Yeah it was pretty painful. But I'm all right... There's plenty of fish in the sea.


Alexa's POV


I was dying as everyone started coming into my room! I didn't know but I fell asleep once the police arrived. I woke up and looked at the clock. 5:00am it read. I got ready. It was 5:45 when I checked the clock. I went down stairs and got a box of cereal. I poured and ate as usual and Jake came. I told him as usual to come in and sit down but later on he just barges in and sits by himself. I just smile as he walks over kisses me on the check and THEN sits down. I walk over to him and he just smiles as I walk over to him and kiss him. It felt right to be with Jake from all these years. I went from the one crushing on Jake to the one with Jake! I was glad that it turned out that way after all :) I thought We would never be together :( but enough with the sad talk lets talk positive!


Jake's POV


It was a crazy night as I heard and accident but it was morning now. I was spending every second with the girl I loved and I was happy. I waited for her lips to be mine as I just sat on the couch and felt a kiss as I closed my eyes as the shadow went over me. We went to school and back. It went by really fast! We went to the movies at 7 as I arranged the date :) we were going to the movie Evil Dead. It was rated R. I wonder how the heck we're going to see this movie if we're only 15 1/2! I had a senior brother... Drake. *sigh* but I don't want to bring him. I told Alexa about the situation and she just went up to Drake and asked him he said yea for the first time... He drove us to the movie theaters and went up to the counter and asked for 3 tickets to Evil Dead! I thought he was only going to buy 2! Wait what?! He's going to watch the movies with us too? Where's he going to sit? I hope it's not next to Alexa... I looked at Alexa as I pulled out my phone and texted her even though she was standing next to me. Drake went to go get popcorn and drinks as I turned and faced Alexa. She was silent as I said " why is Drake watching the movie with us??!" she just didn't answer and shrugged her shoulders. I sighed in anger as Drake started walking over. I told him " that was fast haha" and he just said " guess the lines aren't that slow today..." we went and watched the movie... As we were picking seats Drake sat on my right as Alexa sat on my left. We sat in the last row all the was at the top. That was my favorite spot cause you can't see the fat heads you usually do when you sit somewhere else. And then the movie theater got all dim so we can watch the movie in the dark... And then the movie began...


Drake's POV


We went to the movies and got popcorn and drinks. Jake was holding the popcorn because he was in the middle. We sat in the last row up at the top of the movie theater because... Who likes to see a bunch of damn heads? I started to feel nervous as the lights went completely out as the movie was beginning. I jumped a little as the title The Evil Dead came out in bold. Way to enter a title scarily. It was weird at first because that guy that everyone thinks is soooo hot loves his sister in 'that' way. Shiloh Hernandez... He's a competition. I don't even look that hot yet. I'm half that. But anywa... HOLY SHIT! That part in the movie just scared me! She.. Yuck that's gross! She cuts her arm off! And she cuts her tongue! Gross. Grossest thing I've seen in my life. Ahhhh! WTF! She just gross. Yeah THAT'S RIGHT DAMN IT! SHOOT HER! SHE'S NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND ANYMORE!!! OMFG! Thats gross! Why would you just tear your arm off?! Well I understand the whole ' I wanna get out thing' but seriously if I were the hulk I would just swing that car and whoop she's gone. But my question is where did that girl from underground come from? I drove them home after the movie was over and went to sleep... Or at least I tried too.


Alexa's POV


Man that movie was scary! No wonder it's rated R... I was unable to sleep so I just texted Jake all night as I accidentally fell asleep in the midst of texting him 3 words.... I Love Y. I thought I sent it when I got a text at 1:40 am that said " hey babe.. You awake?" then I sended the text and fell back asleep. And I got another text but I ignored it and fell asleep.


Next morning at 5:48am~


I woke as the sun started to blind my eyes as they were closed. The birds were chirping and the pigeons were doing they're thing... Damn! Pigeons are so fucking annoying! I just want to drown them in water and let me get some sleep. I woke as the morning calls. I got a morning text from Jake as I read it and smiled. He knew I was still just getting out of bed so I walked over to the mirror and saw him... Roses in hand... I love him. And that's how my morning started with my one true love.

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