The One I Loved Dearly a.k.a Unkown Love

This is about a high school girl and a high school boy who are both sophomores. This is about a girl (alexa smith) whose always loved this boy and she's always thinking of him ( jake Conley)but what she doesn't know is that he likes her back and thinks of her too! And one day all of that changes when Alexa almost getting run over and being clueless while reading a book while crossing the street. This is my first fan fix please don't write rude or unessasary comments please.


6. Chap 6: Forever Love

Chap 6: Forever Love Jake's POV I had been in total shock because she's never done that before! I saw her get prepared as her face turned red. It was total blush. It looked as red as a rose... I mean how else can I describe my love? I want to go on forever with her... I wonder if we'll ever take it further to the next step? Probably never.... I would never do anything to hurt her.. If only I could be the luckiest boy to be with the luckiest girl ( Alexa). To go out with me for real... Just the two of us and none of them. It would be perfect. <3 Alexa's POV After the date I kissed him! Like literally it was hmm. let me see... about 28 to 30 seconds long! Wow great move Alexa... Way to make a good impression for a first date.... Well anyways... I wonder what he's thinking.. I mean he could of liked it he could have not... Suddenly my feet jolted me up and I screamed in my head! " OH NO,! WHAT IF HE DIDN'T LIKE THE KISS!!!" I was stressing out and freaked out about when suddenly I got a text from Jake.. great... Just great.... I picked up my phone and it said " wow babe... I didn't know you could kiss like that... Good first date impression!!" I sighed in relief... *Phew* I'm so glad he didn't think it was gross or weird and he thought that it was great! :) I'm so happy, first kisses are spectacular! You can see fireworks up in the air while it's happening! I may sound weird but it really happened... Jackson's POV I stood for a moment thinking about last night... It... Was... Awesome! Beautiful girl, handsome guy= perfect couple I just smiled to myself like an idiot until my brother Dylan walked in and thought I was crazy. He saw me smiling like an idiot he thought I was high on drugs as I kept smiling... He left with a weird face towards me. He told all my brothers and they all came in and took pictures like paparazzi, I smiled weirdly and drunkly I guess but they just laughed and kept taking pictures. Alexa's POV I sat down on my bed sighing as I couldn't stop thinking about that kiss. I bet he was doing the same. He probably was... And thinking about his brothers I bet they would take pictures and send them to me because they were like family now... But when his brother Dylan started flirting with me and then kissed me..... It was weird.... Hahaha APRIL FOOLS! Yep I gotcha it is April fools over here in Chicago. As well as the world... I haven't got to post it on my Facebook status...Speaking of Facebook Me and Jake are officially in a relationship. On Facebook.... It got real on let me see... 3-25 it was amazing because a request came from him to me. When he accepted it he wrote on my wall saying " hey babe.. Happy date day!" it confused me as i tried to write a reply but nothing happened. All I could write was " yea babe! I can't wait!" after I sighed and closed my laptop I went to go get changed and it became a double date... We planned a date for today and hoping that it will be ONLY just the two of us this time... Maddie's POV I saw that Jackson wasn't that happy about the double date but! After at least we got to spend time together... But most of that time was spent on kissing... I wanted to take some pictures but it was just to bizarre that he wouldn't and I couldn't... I felt like a complete idiot for not taking pics of us and good ones in fact. I tried to but it just doesn't come out how you want it too.... Jake's POV I saw that Dylan had sent one of the pictures he took to Alexa and I looked like a complete idiot.... Damn him but she said I was cute! Aww she sure knows how to cheer a guy that's feelin the Blues. I couldn't stop thinking about her so I pulled out my iPhone 5 and face timed her. We talked for hours but not long enough. What seemed like 20 minutes was actually 21/2 hours! She was feeling sleepy as it was now 9:27PM and I let her goto sleep because I didn't want her to end up oversleeping like some people....(Jackson)... Who miss walking to school with their one and only love! Instead of sleeping early he stays up late and texts other guys while playing video games... How loud! He's a real nuisance sometimes when he starts to play at night when everyone's " TRYING TO SLEEP!!" i yelled and I could still hear his assassin's creed game going on and on. When it FINALLY stopped it was about 2:00AM? I don't know I didn't have a watch. Goodnight. Alexa's POV I woke to a strange sound as I looked at my clock as it read 2:14AM! Who would making such noise at this hour! I looked outside to see a bunch of drunkies wandering around in the neighborhood. I wanted to throw something but I didn't have anything... Or did I? I walked into the bathroom and saw an empty roll of toilet paper and opened my window slightly and threw it at them. One of them screamed as it landed right in front of them. I closed the window and ducked beside the wall so they couldn't see me you know since they were drunk and all... They all looked around as I counted... 5... There were 5 of them and they were wandering the streets, how late. I saw a motor vehicle drive in fast speed down the road as the drunk were wandering on the streets not hearing a thing. It was coming... I could hear it.... I could feel it... Is an accident going to occur? What's going to happen? Hope nothing does, then I won't be late for school and it'll be all good... I heard a boom and a screech as I heard the car do a complete stop. There were only 3 people left standing on the streets... Which means 2 people have gotten hit... Oh no. Jake's POV My eyes suddenly opened as I heard a loud screech and a boom about a street away. What could've happened? Was there an accident or something? Must've been some drunkies or something getting a huuuuggggeeeee wake up call. I looked outside as a Honda RX7 was outside on the street with what seemed to be 3 drunkies. It happened right infront of Alexa's house too. Hope she's sleeping well... Or I guess not with something like this happening at night... I'm going back to sleep.
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