The One I Loved Dearly a.k.a Unkown Love

This is about a high school girl and a high school boy who are both sophomores. This is about a girl (alexa smith) whose always loved this boy and she's always thinking of him ( jake Conley)but what she doesn't know is that he likes her back and thinks of her too! And one day all of that changes when Alexa almost getting run over and being clueless while reading a book while crossing the street. This is my first fan fix please don't write rude or unessasary comments please.


4. Chap 4: First Kiss

Chap 4: First Kiss Alexa's POV It turns out that I like him too much! I mean I kissed him back! That was my first kiss!!! OMG my first kiss turned out to be with my one true love! This was amazing I texted Maddie and told her what had happened. She said wow at least it was with the one you love... " what do you mean" I said she replied " the first kiss... I don't remember but I heard that I was making out with a little boy when I was three. But I didn't like him." we ended the text with a simple bye and we were out to go to sleep... It was 2 in the morning and I couldn't go to sleep so I took a shower and got ready for school. I was about to head for the door as it was now 5:50 am and I was at the door and heard a knock... It was Jake... I asked who is it even though I knew cause I saw the figure from the window. He replied " hey Alexa it's me Jake, I was wondering if we can walk to school together..." I replied " ya, of course we can Jake!" he replied "ok." and the door was unlocked so I told him he can come in and he did. As he was coming in I was eating cereal and then I spat it out and started choking on it he asked me if I was ok and I said ya. And that's how my morning started... Jake's POV I thought since she knew that I lived a few houses down that I would walk to school with her. I went to her house wearing plaid shirt and skinny jeans. I put some cologne on and put my shoes on as I grabbed 2 Quakers oatmeal bars and ate them. While I walked over to her house I ate one of the oatmeal bars and when I got to her house I ate one inside while she was eating cereal and nearly choked as I walked in which means that I made a good impression... :D I asked her if she was ok and she said ya. But her face was so red which either means a. She's embarrassed that she chocked or b. I looked really breathtaking and made her lose her breath... I was really happy that she thought about me e same way yesterday... As she kissed me back I noticed that that was her first kiss because she stuttered her bye. Alexa's POV As I was recovering from the choke he was staring at me and I looked over at him and smiles and says " I hope you find your phone." I smiled back and said "ya I hope it's safe and sound" then he said " ya you better find it and text me :)" i giggled as he grabbed me by the hand and kissed me on the cheek. I finished the cereal that I half heatedly choked out. I wiped my mouth with a napkin as me and Jake walked to school. 5 minutes into walking and there was awkward silence, we were only staring back and forth at each other. Then Jake broke the silence and asked me word for word " Alexa... I've liked you for a really long time now... I know you probably believe but it's been nearly 8 to 9 years now and.... I..... I want you to..... Be my girlfriend..... Well, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked very desperately but without trying to. I was very happy and my hands were getting really sweaty.... REALLY sweaty. I said " umm...... Jake..... I.......I.......would LOVE TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!!!" I said excitedly and kissed him on the cheek... He started to hold my hand and we walked to school that way. :) Jake's POV I held hands with Alexa as we were walking to school, we made it to school and we were still holding hands since we had every class together we never really let go since we sat next to each other in every class too. We always did homework together. If we both had something that we didn't get we would text one of our friends but Alexa has lost her phone... Speaking of phone since its 6th period already we have to go to the office and check if they have it or not. The bell rang to end the school day as we were getting up from our desks I told Alexa that we had to go to the office to search for her phone. We went to the office and looked through the millions and trillions of phones that were in the phone box... Finally, 20 minutes passed and we finally found it! There were 7 other phones that looked like hers but only she had a wallpaper...... Of me. She took out a piece of paper and added the number into her iPhone. As she was texting the number, I got a text from 'unknown' and it said: hey it's me Alexa!:). I replied back 'hey' as she got the text and she replied at me saying hi and waving. Alexa's POV I found my phone as it was in this huge pile of phones. I thought I would never find it but I found 7 that actually had the same case as mine. Mine was the only one that had a wallpaper of Jake on it. Thanks to Jake I found it so I texted him just so he knows my number. He had an iPhone 4s as he always talked to Siri in humor! Lol it was fun watching him talk to it like it was an actual person. Anyways I was really grateful to him. So I'm finally dating the guy I want to date! I'm so happy that it's come to this! We're even texting now.... I thank god for finding my phone really I do even if I'm not Mormon. This is great.... Oh...! I just god a text from Jake and he said "GoodNight Love.... May your life glisten as the moon shines bright only on you..." aww he's so romantic! I replied " goodnight Romeo... I love you" AHHHHHH!!! Haha! Did I just say I love you? Ahhaha I'm so cheesy sometimes... He replied back " love you too sweetheart<3" then="" i="" replied="" goodnight="" and="" we="" ended="" it="" at="" that="" p=""> The next morning I woke up to a morning text from Jake it said : good morning love<3 " I replied " morning :D" and I got ready and got dressed for school. I was eating breakfast as he knocked on the door. I said "come in" and he did as he was told. While he came in I saw him holding a rose for me, he gave it to me and said " will you go on a date with me" I replied " absolutely" and he smiled and kissed my forehead. And without me noticing I started turning red as a tomato and died in my head as I thought this was a fantasy... Jake's POV I told her to go on a date with me and she said yes! Well she didn't say yes but she did say ABSOLUTELY! Haha I was so happy with what I heard because I had some very fun plans! We're going to goto the movies then we're going to go to an amusement park then we're going to watch the sunset and so many other things that I want to do with her but the problem is time I need the right time and place figured out so we can end it at a proper time. Anyways I just threw on my white v-neck tee and some basketball shorts. I was very lazy this morning but not lazy enough to put on cologne. She would always compliment me that I smelled good or nice and I complimented her on that too. I opened the door as we we're leaving the house she locked the door and we started walking. The whole school knows that we're dating. Whenever I kiss her on the cheek or the lips everyone would ' stop and staaaaaare" and when we would always hold hands people would always say we made a cute couple.... We were going across the hallway as I saw my twin Jackson talking to one of Alexa's closest friends..... Um.... What was her name? Was it Maddie? Yea it was. He was talking to her. He was leaning against the lockers flexing and she was standing in front of him with her books in her backpack. It seems like they were dating because I waited a moment to see if anything was going on and he kissed her check as she kissed his and they separated to their classrooms as the bell rang.... Guess a lot of hints happened when I wasn't paying attention to family time.... Maddie's POV I was happy! He asked me out and I freaking blushed out! It's been 2 days since he's asked me out! He gave me his number and everything... I was happy being with Jackson here at school.... The only thing different about Jake and Jackson was that Jackson played on a football team and Jake didn't he was a more soccer kind of guy... But anyways Jackson asked me to go on a date with him on Wednesday which was tomorrow! I was super duper excited!! But hella nervous... I've never really been on a date since....? Well anyways I kissed him on the cheek after he kissed mine :) Jackson's POV I went out with my brothers girlfriends friend which was weird but I guess this means I'll have to see more of him around school.... Yuck he see him enough at it is already I see him too much at home. :( Anyways I started dating this cute chick with these emerald green eyes and they just took my breath away. I just needed to see her again..... so I face timed her :) I kissed her with my soft touching lips on her soft silky cheek and it felt so right :D
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