The One I Loved Dearly a.k.a Unkown Love

This is about a high school girl and a high school boy who are both sophomores. This is about a girl (alexa smith) whose always loved this boy and she's always thinking of him ( jake Conley)but what she doesn't know is that he likes her back and thinks of her too! And one day all of that changes when Alexa almost getting run over and being clueless while reading a book while crossing the street. This is my first fan fix please don't write rude or unessasary comments please.


3. Chap 3: The First Date

Chap 3 ALEXA's POV "I......I.... "Fainted waiting for the cold hard ground to hit me but I waited and waited but it never did... I was wondering and wondering why it didn't hit me but I never seemed to get an idea as my thoughts were blank within my mind. I heard a faint voice calling my name as I collapsed in Jake's strong arms but it was no use... I couldn't reply nor I had the strength to... I was weak like never before... Jake's POV Dang, I didn't really think she would faint but here she is in my arms lying helplessly in them. I was worried that if I bring her to her house that her mother would have a heart attack and her dad would have to do surgery on her mom which I didn't want so I told them that we were going to do a study session at my house... We went to my house as she didn't have a clue to where she was going but i knew where i was going. Plus, she wasen't that heavy which was a relief trying not to be mean or anything. As we reached my house I opened the door with my key while carrying her up the stairs and to my room since no one was home. I layed her on the bed as she curled up into a little ball and started drooling and I saw tears falling out of her eyes as she said the following:" Jake..." please don't go and stay here with me. Stay where you really belong cause I don't want to lose you because I love you..." she ended there as tears started falling out endlessly from her pale white skin which caused me to wipe them up and laying next to her watching her cry and say nonsense but then I whispered " I love you too" and a smile played on her lips even though she was sleeping. That's when I figured out that she liked me too. :) and I started changing my clothes... Alexa's POV I was sleeping peacefully as I heard some jeans fall on the floor I peeked just a little to see that I was in an unfamiliar house and a familiar figure stand there changing as my eyesight was still blurry from that.... KISS! Now I remember! I fainted and got carried by Jake! But where am I? Is this Jake's house? Is this Jake's room? Where am I?! I woke up and opened my eyes wide. I looked at the clock that read 11:00PM when I thought holy shit! Did we do something? Why am I here so late?! I saw Jake as he started walking towards me. He said " I see you're awake. Did you have a good sleep? You were pretty knocked out by that kiss..." a smile played on his lips as he was saying the word 'kiss' I don't know why my mind took control of my body and as he sat on the bed next to me I kissed him on the check and said " bye gotta go back home" and left as I saw what seemed to be Jake! But I thought he was just up there! I called to the similar Jake saying bye and he said " haha I'm not Jake I'm Jackson, Jake's twin brother! That must mean your Alexa, Hi I'm Jackson Jake's twin as I just said... Wow Jake's statement was right you do look like and angel." " but your not my type" he stated. what?! He has a twin? So which one am I falling for?! Jackson could act as Jake anytime and I couldn't even know when. Jack had dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes that were breathtaking. I just couldn't believe someone like that could have a twin! Then just as I opened the door 2 other older looking guys came through the door and said " I'm home!" Jack told me that those two were the older brothers Drake and Dylan. Drake was oldest and Dylan was second oldest. Then following them into the house was an older woman and a man, these people must be Jake's parents... They looked at me and gasped " oh my Jesus! Is this Alexa Smith?! My you've grown up so much! The last time I saw you it was what? About 7 years ago?! Wow this is amazing! But look at the time! You should have dinner with us!" she looked excited. I replied " hi Mr. And Mrs. Conley! ... That would be great if I could eat dinner but I really need to get going now my mom is probably wondering where I am!" mrs. Conley replied" oh ok dear maybe. Ext time I see you, I'll definitely have Jake invite you over!"She said excitedly and waved as I exited the door. It was really nice to meet them.... Jackson's POV It felt weird being called Jake by this girl who I didn't even know! But one things for sure that when she's with her friends the cute one named Maddie always stares at me... She brings a warm breathtaking smile at me sometimes. When I get to know her better I'll ask her out :). An evil smirk played on my lips as if I'd just murdered someone... I have brownish blondish hair and my eyes are dark brown. I got 3 bro's that are annoying I'm the 2nd youngest cause my brother Jake here came out later than me! That slow poke *scoffs*. Drake's POV I have blonde hair in a small mohawk and blue eyes... People say i look like Niall Horan. There was a pretty girl standing in front of the door but she was pretty cute :) I could get at that :))). I'm Drake the oldest. I go to Mckinley high and is a senior, yeah bitches I'm gonna graduate! Dylan's POV I have blonde hair and all the girls love me... But I'm a player. There was this pretty girl in a pink blouse and short bottom jeans.... Breathtaking.. I'm a junior in high school *sigh* not even finished with high school it's hard because all the pressure is on me since I'm also the second smartest believe it or not and you'll never guess who's the smartest..... Sorry to tell myself but it's Jake. Jake's POV So today I just got kissed by the girl of my dreams but just on my check :( I sorta went halfway down the stairs and heard my mom talking to Alexa and I guess she hasn't figured that we were childhood friends, which was sad because we had so many great pictures and moments together it was great even though she doesn't remember. While the brothers were saying that she was cute I came down stairs grabbed her hand and asked her " don't you have to leave?" while I asked the brothers moaned and complained saying "aww" that she shouldn't leave and while they said that she started blushing big time! We walked outside and while we were walking we stopped where our houses parted and I kissed her on the lips and she smiled and she kissed me back while our hands let go of each other slowly while we were saying our goodbyes.
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