I Know How This Ends

Macy is a small neighbourhood girl that is currently getting searched by three criminals. Its a mans fate to defend, and protect. Not to fall in love.


1. Why Am I Here?

I woke up.

A light swinging upon my head as I looked around. A different sight, a different scent, a different everything basically. Where am I? 'Hello?' I asked hoping for an answer. Nothing. I heard a door close on the level above me. Footsteps getting louder towards me. I closed my eyes wishing the person would go away. 'Open your eyes. I know you aren`t sleeping.' I opened my eyes as commanded. I glanced at the man. He was around five to six feet. Quite young, probably in his late teens early twenties. A heavy Irish accent that I found hard to understand. He walked into the light and moved his hand. 'Please don`t hit me. Please, please, please' Instead of hitting me, he cupped my face and whispered in my ear, 'Macy, your are in danger and people are coming after you.' I looked into his eyes. 'Who are you?' I asked. 'My name is Niall. And, my job is to protect you.' He said pulling away from my face, his cologne filling my senses. 'Are you hungry Macy? I can take you out for dinner.. if you'd like.' I could tell that he felt awkward asking me to eat with him. 'I would love to go eat with you.' He smiled and grabbed my hand. It's surprising how he can get so comfortable around me.

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