I Know How This Ends

Macy is a small neighbourhood girl that is currently getting searched by three criminals. Its a mans fate to defend, and protect. Not to fall in love.


2. So we are together? What?

Niall`s POV:

I had brought her to Nandos. She didn`t run like a girl I would normally try to help in situations like these. Macy, she was different. We sat down at a table and talked about ourselves a little more. "Tell me about yourself, Macy." I said. "Sure. What would you like to know?" Her voice was sweet and quiet. "Anything." I replied. "My full name is Macy O`Brian. My parents are from Ireland but, I was raised in the United States and I moved here when I was old enough to drive. Which was about 16. I have no siblings and I never had a real friend. Uh... I met you just a couple minutes ago. And, you haven`t told me who was after me yet. Oh and I`m 18. Sorry." We both laughed. "My full name is Niall Horan, I was born and raised in Mullingar, Ireland and I am 20 and work for the F.B.I." I said.

Macy`s POV:

F.B.I. huh? That`s actually kind of sexy. The waitress came over to ask us what we wanted to eat. "Can I please have the nachos?" I asked as politely as I could. "Of course!" She replied. I could see that she started to flirt with Niall. I got a wee bit jealous, but I kept it to myself. He got a little irritated also. He told the waitress that he was with me. Which was quite a turn around. I looked at him confused, he looked at me and gave a faint smile blushing. God damn he was so handsome. His twinkling blue eyes, the way he smiled at me. No, no, no, nope, nay. I can`t let him steal my heart. I don`t even know him. Oh fuck.

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