I Know How This Ends

Macy is a small neighbourhood girl that is currently getting searched by three criminals. Its a mans fate to defend, and protect. Not to fall in love.


4. One of a kind

Macy`s POV:

What I did last night was a huge mistake. I didn't even mean to. Thoughts were scurrying through my head as I slept next to Niall. His body was warm against mine, making me giggle. I woke up around two in the morning and went to get some coffee. I need to call someone. My mom must be worrying about me. It`s not like he kidnapped me, he probably said something to my parents about this. I walked down stairs and turned on a small light. I heard footsteps from Niall`s room. He follows me around everywhere. It`s get annoying after awhile but I just ignore it. 'Leaving so soon?' I heard Niall grunt. 'No, just making some coffee, want a cup?' I asked politely. 'Why I would love some Macy' he said, pulling my waist to his front side. He left small kisses up my neck. I moaned and turned around, lightly kissing his lips. 'I love you' he said meaning it. 'I love you too Niall.' My eyes were locked on his. I gave him a toothless smile. 'You are one of a kind Macy. I hope you know that.' His voice was very sweet. 'With you, I know I am.'

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