I Know How This Ends

Macy is a small neighbourhood girl that is currently getting searched by three criminals. Its a mans fate to defend, and protect. Not to fall in love.


5. Mind fuck

Harry`s POV:

Where the fuck did my sister go? I have to ask mum and Dad. 'Mom, where`s Macy?' I asked her. 'She`s under watch. A man took her to keep her safe.' She said tiredly. 'Who was this man?' I said squinting my eyes. 'Agent Niall, he works for the FBI.' I grunted. I knew him in high school. We used to be in a band until he was stupid enough to change everything and break up the band. I hate him so much and now he is watching Macy? Oh hell no! I have to find her. He can be such a bad influence on her. I hope she`s safe.


Sorry this chapter was so short *-* I didn`t have enough time to finish so here is yo mind fucked chapter

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