I Know How This Ends

Macy is a small neighbourhood girl that is currently getting searched by three criminals. Its a mans fate to defend, and protect. Not to fall in love.


7. Letting him in

Niall walked into my room shirtless and half asleep. `Look babe-' Niall said in a hoarse voice. 'no, you know what, don't "babe," me because that word isn`t gonna help you. Put that in your pipe an smoke it.' I said so sassy that I think he couldn't handle it. 'Ok, Macy,' he sighed 'me and Harry knew each other in high school. We were in a band that all the girls and some boys obsessed over. We sang and we had our moments. One day eventually, I made a stupid move and broke us up, I let a girl get in-between us and she got so important that when we broke up, she walked away from me. Like nothing ever happened.' He finished with a sigh and went back to try and sleep. 'Wait Niall,' I said at the last second. 'What Macy?' He asked falling asleep. 'I don`t feel sorry for you, in fact, I'm still mad at you and my brother but we will talk about this in the morning. I need to get some sleep.


That night, I slept away from Niall facing away from him. Possibly over thinking things and did that until I fell asleep.





Sorry for the short chapter, I just remembered I left you guys hanging on this movella, so I decided I would continue. I`m short on ideas, so please Kik me for some ideas! ewpeoplesuck

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