Uprising, of the Walkers

A girl, Robin tries to find a zombie apocalypse buddy because she can't stand alone. She saw someone very tall and handsome with a nice body that was fit that can join, she offered and he agreed. His name was John. After they teamed and got more attached she started falling for him. But what she didn't know was that he was too... But as they get more attached, people get crazy


1. Zombie Apocalypse Buddy Falls In Love?!

Chap 1 Robin POV I was walking as the dead silence pierced my ears as I saw the dead walking helplessly moaning in the dark at nothing. I know It seemed stupid but I was searching everywhere for a zombie survival buddy but I don't think I have any hope in finding one searching in this crowd. I thought I heard some noise but it was just a canine dog that had turn into a zombie.. Stupid dog.... It had rabies and I just shot it with my hydra as it laid helplessly there. I love shotguns they're the best when your in a heap of trouble. "They go boom" I whispered to myself. I laughed a little to myself at my statement. Then I heard a soda can get kicked and a guy grunting as I saw him uncover himself as I saw a guy in plaid shirt unbuttoned with a white shirt and ripped jeans which looked incredibly hot! Wait did I just say hot? No that must've been wrong... But he was cute... I never judged strangers but this one had to be judged. he was just so, and I was just so... Yucky. He saw me as I sighed at myself. He was starting to walk over to me as I kept my hydra on lock of that nice body.... Crap this is not what I was trained for I was daydreaming... Weird... I'm going to be screwed if this keeps happening. He said" hold it I'm human I have no bites anywhere so I'm not infected but you can check if you want" he smiled and chuckled... A blush crept up my cheek and so we went into a room and he undressed... XD as he undressed he had scars all over and he was wearing Mickey mouse unicorn boxers... Wutthefuck? A small chuckle escaped my mouth as he didn't hear.. THANK GOD! But it's weird seeing a sexy guy like him wear.... Well something like that! While I was having my eyes glued to his body I got out my bandages and started wrapping his muscular body, I guess when I started applying the first aid it stung because he was gripping my leg pretty hard which was manly of him... :) after I was done her replied " well thanks... I didn't even really ask you to..." he gave me a smile and a handshake as i didn't know that i was biting my bottom lip and smiling back but this was to approve our trust. Then he said " I guess we're partners now... Hi my name is John and you are...? Biting your lip... AND MAKING IT BLEED! "he exclaimed! He put pressure on my lip so it doesn't bleed out. Then he ripped a piece of my shirt to tie the wound. But why my shirt? Did he want a piece of me? Ah! I didn't know! His expressions were hidden under that smile which made me think he was dangerous.... John's POV So I met this girl she didn't tell me her name yet and all I could think of is how she bit her lip! After I told her what she was doing she got back to earth and said " oh... Hi my name is Robin... Robin Mercer... What was your last name again?" I told her I never said my last name because it's weird and I didn't want her laughing at it. I mean we only just met and I didn't want to lose my one and only girl partner that was out of this world! But I may just be silly just because of a last name. I told her my last name was Porter.... John Porter .... I heard her choke as we were walking and turned the corner and saw a Starbucks.... She asked me if my dad was the owner and he was even though my last name wasn't Starbucks. But he died from a zombie like the rest of the world. As we were walking we heard some footsteps behind us and wondered but didn't turn around so I signaled Robin to stop and tie her shoe as I stop and turn around because the footsteps sounded lively and heavy. So I gave her a cue and she stopped and I got out a gun secretly and turned around at her and aimed behind at the unknown subject and saw a little kid with a school uniform and a little backpack... Awkward... I didn't think I would have to shoot but he had a scar on his leg that Robin had to treat and checked if it was infected but it wasn't. So we were relieved that the kid wasn't infected. But he was a mute. Which was sad. I couldn't 'speak' sign language so I was useless all I could do was make him live. But I was surprised that Robin could speak it.... So I asked her to teach me. Because the kid can do sign language even though he can hear. Robin's POV We found a kid that was mute and chose not to talk.... I was good at sign language and so was the kid, we helped him live but before I did I searched if he had any infections. Well he didn't have any infections and so we took him to a deserted grocery store he took all the things he wanted to and put it in the backpack for later. We ate some Cheetos and all the zombies weren't in the store so me and John talked a little... We talked about how we lived and our childhood lives but then I asked him what type of relationships has he had during his youth... Well he was 21 and I was 19 yea.... We're pretty young :) I lived my youth up until now and started living my new it was a different world out there.... He was staring at me as I was deep in thought he thought he had said something wrong but I told him that I was just thinking he okay'd me as he walked towards the boy and told hike to come here. Even though he was mute he could still hear. It was terrifying just to see innocent children turn into heartless zombies. I didn't want him to become one of them. I just couldn't risk losing the innocent to the heartless. He told me his name in sign language it was David.... David Friedlander. He was 6 years old and he was well behaved... He didn't do what those bratty kids would, he would just sit there and be quiet.... And thats how the story began....
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