Uprising, of the Walkers

A girl, Robin tries to find a zombie apocalypse buddy because she can't stand alone. She saw someone very tall and handsome with a nice body that was fit that can join, she offered and he agreed. His name was John. After they teamed and got more attached she started falling for him. But what she didn't know was that he was too... But as they get more attached, people get crazy


2. Getting To Know Each Other...

Chap 2: Getting to know each other


Robin's POV

We were talking as John seemed interested in my story the boy we met. He was mute.. He chose not to talk but his name was David. He told many people on a piece of paper how he felt and what he wants to do. I gave him some paper to let him write what he feels. I read the paper that he had given back to me and I nodded as he turned that frown upside down :). I couldn't help but to hug David in my arms as he was so incredibly cute and I felt incredibly bad for him. It was amazing.. For a kid like this to survive in a world like this.


John's POV

I looked at the kid. He looked at me. I couldn't help but to go up to him and speak even though he couldn't. Even though he couldn't speak its like we had a connection. And it helped us from zombies. Even though he breathed loud sometimes. I went over and talked to him and Robin just translated everything he said to me. He told me that he was in grave danger and that he would die if he didn't find us. I was actually relieved that he found us. I never thought that we would find a small kid like this but we did. I guess the sayings right... It is a small world. I looked around as I saw a walker about 39 ft away from us. I told them to stay back as I was going to show them my manly moves haha. I waited as the walker moved closer and closer. Just until it got about 5 feet away I shoved my shotgun up it's head and crushed its brains. I saw as the little boy had no relation but Robin had some reaction there. She looked shocked but I wonder what for? I asked her and she yelled silently. " dude! Why did you do that!? Surrounding walkers could hear that and come here! You can attract them! Idiot!" I looked in shock as she was really smart about this shit I don't even know about. I looked around and saw that Robin was going to take charge for them. She grabbed out a knife and held the blade out ninja style. She ran up to them and right hooked them in the brains. The zombies started gaining on our smell and so we hid under some zombies. After the huge wave passed because of my shotgun blast, we all decided as it was..... Man who even counts time!? Or even the day?! No one cares nor ever will.


Robin's POV


I wanted to get a drink of water.... But I guess almost everything was contaminated. Man who gives a crap anymore. I went over to the super market and got a bottle of water. I drank like a dog. Weird.... Well at least no one was around to see. I looked around and I saw a small head peeping around the corner... It was the little boy... I signed him to come here and did as he was told. I asked him what he wanted and he just wanted a bag of chips again. I nodded and pointed at the chips isle. He nodded as I went back to finding what I needed. I felt a tug as the little boy pulled on my shirt as I looked down. He told me he couldn't find it by himself because he may not be tall enough... Haha how cute.. So shy. I agreed to his question as he asked if I could help him find it. I told him yea and just helped him in isle 12 the snacks. I was looking what he was looking for... Cheetos again... This time he wanted to try the flamin' hot ones but I told him no. He then asked if he could have takis and I said no... I told him if he has something too hot he could maybe get out a yelp and the zombies would come after us. He nodded as he understood what I was saying. So we decided on Cheetos puffs haha that's my favorite too. We went outside as John was in plain site as he was sleeping and not guarding the car that we found. Also the apart we found open with keys inside. I thought that was pretty helpful. The owner of both the car and the apt. They may already be dead but its ok as long as we're safer than them. I mean if they come back as zombies... Then... Shit nigga I'm leaving! But that probably won't happen. Because I got the guns and they got nothin.


John's POV


We went back got the apartment and locked the front door. Robin and David got in. I was surprised! They brought back not 1 bag of Cheetos but 19 I mean how many hot Cheetos do you need? I mean all there is is me, David, and Robin. Well yeah... We need some bags but not freaking 19 of them! Jeesus!!!! They're going to get fat and get plump just for those stupid ass zombies...next thing you know is that they won't be able to run fast anymore. They'll run out of energy before you know it and they'll fall on the ground! Don't want that to happen. Just then David opened a Cheetos bag and started eating it. I sighed and had to say it..." David... What'll happen if you get fat and can't run away from the zombies?" and David just said " I'll just get some water gun shit and pile it up!" and that was the first time I've heard David talk....

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