Uprising, of the Walkers

A girl, Robin tries to find a zombie apocalypse buddy because she can't stand alone. She saw someone very tall and handsome with a nice body that was fit that can join, she offered and he agreed. His name was John. After they teamed and got more attached she started falling for him. But what she didn't know was that he was too... But as they get more attached, people get crazy


5. From Here On Out

Chap 5

John's POV

I looked at her and smiled. She looked beautiful. All model-like and wearing high heels. 
"Robin," I spoke her name once more. She didn't respond, but I know she heard me. She turned around, her face, looking at mine. I waved. She waved back with a smile. I walked around the mall 
and over to her.

"would you like to dance?" I asked in my 'Zoo York' tee. And jeans. I pulled out my hand for her to take. She took my hand and replied,
"I would... But I don't know how to..." I laughed, 
"then I'll show you," we slowly danced as I showed her the steps, damn, she's prettier up close.
I looked down with Robin as she was still trying to learn the steps.

She struggled a bit, but in a few minutes, she got it. I put my hands on her waist as she put her arms around my neck. I pulled out my phone with 100% battery and played "Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers" after that, Robin changed back into her original clothes and came out of the changing room. We roamed the other parts of the store, Robin was holding a XXL teeshirt and when I asked her what it was for, she said that it's going to be her pajamas. I raised my eyebrows and thought to myself, 'what about her pants??' but I don't want to ask her... As soon as I knew, the words blurted outta my mouth.

She looked at me regularly, as if it were a normal question,
"because I don't like wearing pants when I sleep,"
I ohh'd at the moment, as to now, it made sense. We went up to the 12th floor and found a mattress to sleep on. Michael was near a window, on the outlook.

Robin sure found a nice one, with bed sheets and all. She looked very comfortable I might add. She had just a shirt on (she changed while she changed out of the dress), it was weird, but we saw like it was nothing. David slept with me, on the clothed couch, I didn't want a leather couch because if I did, then it would make lots of squeaks and I didn't want that. Especially with all the walkers.

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