Uprising, of the Walkers

A girl, Robin tries to find a zombie apocalypse buddy because she can't stand alone. She saw someone very tall and handsome with a nice body that was fit that can join, she offered and he agreed. His name was John. After they teamed and got more attached she started falling for him. But what she didn't know was that he was too... But as they get more attached, people get crazy


4. Fate? Or Freewill

Chap 4

Robin's POV

We quickly went to the 12-story building that he came out of and hid. We saw, as the walkers stood moaning, groaning, and grunting. I got my silenced pistol ready to aim, but Michael lowered it, slowly. I looked at him confused with a slanted eyebrow, he mouthed 'just watch' and so I did.

The walkers... Believe it or not, could not enter the building! The glass was soundproof and it was a 12-story building. Michael then told us to follow him. We went up about 5 sets on stairs, since the power is out.

The 1st floor had a Shoe compartment
The 2nd floor had a Shirt & Dress department 
The 3rd floor had Pants of any
The 4th floor had Designer brands (that I would usually kill for, but now's not the time) 
The 5th floor had Hair accessories
The 6th floor had Socks
The 7th floor had Cosmetics
The 8th floor had Underwear or all sex's
The 9th floor was the Oral Department
The 10th floor was the 'Guns & Ammo' store
The 11th floor was the Food Department (it was bigger than any Costco I've seen)
And finally, The 12th floor had furniture.

It was pretty self explanatory, there was a generator far far away about two blocks from this building. There was a passage way to get to it, but there was no need. Besides, the generator is very safe, and somewhat quiet. Michael sleeps on the 12th floor, not just because the furniture, but also because if the walkers ever unimaginably broke the chains and barrier, then he would be able to escape and hide right away.

I took some things from every level except for the clothes, I could choose that later. When I went to the 12th floor, David was jumping on the mattresses and let laughs out freely. I smiled at the smile on that boy, he looked like he was in his own world. I sat on a couch that was a silky blue color, it was a pretty nice couch, it turned into a bed too.

I went to the Shirt and Dress Department. I wanted to look for a nice dress, and a pj shirt, preferably a guy shirt, because I don't wear pants.
I saw a very nice butterfly wing dress that was blue, there were also a matching set of stilettos. I tried them on-because they were my size- because I wanted to try something new.

I looked at the mirror, I had my silenced pistol with me at all times. Because apparently when I don't have it, I need it the most. I found a leg sling for a gun in the changing room, I put it on and fit my pistol in there, it fit perfectly. I looked like a model I guess. I was walking out of the dressing room and saw John on the other side of the mall. Shit. That's the last thing I needed right now. I trailed off into thinking what would happen if he saw me like this... Seduce him? Run away? Kill myself? Ahhh, I don't know!

"hey Robin!" my head shot up and there I saw him, infront of me...


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