Uprising, of the Walkers

A girl, Robin tries to find a zombie apocalypse buddy because she can't stand alone. She saw someone very tall and handsome with a nice body that was fit that can join, she offered and he agreed. His name was John. After they teamed and got more attached she started falling for him. But what she didn't know was that he was too... But as they get more attached, people get crazy


6. Chap 6: The Sleepover

Robin's POV

I slept. Slept like an angel. I didn't hear any: walkers, nor gunshots. It was the most peaceful night I've ever had since the outbreak. It's been about a month now with John and David. Since we didn't know the calendar dates, we just stayed the same age we did. David would be 6, while John was 21, and I was 19. Michael was 20.

When I woke up from my beautiful slumber. I saw Michael near the window sniping. I told him that I wanted to try. He told me it was silenced. I got up and looked through the scope. I squinted just a little, and without swaying the scope. I shot.

I sort of startled myself, as the impact, was powerfully intriguing. I stopped to see if I got the headshot, I did, and the other walkers were eating the motionless walker, whose head that I'd just shot off. Michael gave me a "not bad" look. I shrugged my shoulders and held the Dragunov rifle in a stance. Wanting more. Shooting for more. John decided to wake up and watch.

I got about 8 total headshots, we saw a few survivors... But Michael didn't plan on helping them-I thought he was an ass- but when you think about it, you never know. I tried to shoot the walkers around them but Michael said to "save my ammo,"

I went to get clothes for today, I found a red t-shirt with black yoga pants that ended just below the knee. I put some black socks and some "safe grip" converse on. I put deodorant on with a hair tie on my right wrist-if I don't, I feel naked-also put a nice headband on to tie my bangs back. I changed my bra and underwear of course (that'd be gross if I didn't). And went back upstairs. As I was going upstairs, I saw John and Michael heading down along with David. Does this mean I can keep watch?

I went next to the sniper window and was on a lookout on anything suspicious. Nothing... Just motioning walkers. Walking, walking everywhere. Eating everything. We sneaked to a nearby Costco and looked for some more supplies. I found, the cutest biggest, widest tent that I brought "home" myself. When we got to the underground generator, we carried the supplies to the 12th floor and rested as it was now dark outside, I'd say about 8:38 p.m where you could still see a light blur of blue beyond the hills.

I nearly passed out on the bed, when my stomach growled/gurgled-ruining the moment.

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