The best life you can ever have!!

a teenage girl Mackenzie has a family friend and his name is Louis and she meets his friends {rest of One Direction} niall has a crush on her but her heart is set with harry. harry and Mackenzie goes out and niall gets jealous so Mackenzie sets niall up with her friend britney


6. why you seemed different!!!!!!

Harry POV.

We were just sitting there after the police officers came to talk to us. Before anything else i had to ask why she was acting different at lunch with my family. She said im not a normal teenager. i then asked her how and she then explained to me she was a model, singer and and actress. i asked her why she didnt tell me earlier but she said her agent said she wasnt allowed to and because she never trusted anyone apart from her family and louis. i asked her if louis knows and she said no but she was going to tell him before we came her.

A tall Man walked over to us. I didnt know who it was but she did because she got up and said hey Jackson. she then introudced me to him sayin Jackson this is my boyfriend Harry and Harry this is my agent Jackson. We were talking for a bit and Jackson said I think you should press charges and you will need to sell your house and live with Harry if that is ok with him. I said it is fine with me, what about shool? he said she wont be going to school and be working at the part time bakery job. She will be home schooled we have already organsied a turtor to teach her and we will be paying for the turtor so it wont cost you guys anything.

Jackson POV.

i then asked Harry if we could talk in private. When we wer away from Mackenzie i started talking. We were talking for awhile and then I said one last thing I have talken to you mangenment  and we have thought it would be a good idea if you and Mackenzie get married. Thanks for your time think about it and tell Mackenzie i said bye.

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