The best life you can ever have!!

a teenage girl Mackenzie has a family friend and his name is Louis and she meets his friends {rest of One Direction} niall has a crush on her but her heart is set with harry. harry and Mackenzie goes out and niall gets jealous so Mackenzie sets niall up with her friend britney


3. waking up in harrys bed

The next morning I woke up and I turned myself to face Harry but he wasn't there. I got scared because last time I checked we were asleep with each other all cuddled up. I didn't know what to do so got up and wrapped Harry's white bed sheets around me. I then walked down stairs and I heard noise from the lounge room so I went in there still covered up in the sheets. I then stopped and they saw me and I realised it was Harry's family. I quickly said good morning and I quickly ran to the bedroom and started crying. They must of heard me because Harry came in and came over to me and asked what was wrong. I ignored him the first time and started crying even harder. I then stopped crying and said I made a bad impression . I then quickly got up and got dressed.

After I went down to meet Harrys family. I talked for a little then I said I had to go. Harry was upset when I said I had to go. He walked me to the door and said I had a great night. I responded with yea it was fun see you around sometime. I then gave him a kiss and without I left. I had no idea where I was going to go because Harry's house is do far away from mine.

I then realised I left my phone at Harry's house. I got to his house and knocked on the door. He answered on the first knocked and asked why I was back. I then explained to him I left my phone here. He then begged me to stay and get to know his family better so I did.

Anne has been asking me so many questions. she then said last question do you love my son Harry I replied with yes ever since I laid eyes on him at the café for breakfast with him and boys I knew my heart is set with him. So to answer your question yes I do Love your son Harry. I then turned to him and he was already looking at me and then he kissed me. We were kissing until Harry's older sister Gemma said whats for lunch.

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