The best life you can ever have!!

a teenage girl Mackenzie has a family friend and his name is Louis and she meets his friends {rest of One Direction} niall has a crush on her but her heart is set with harry. harry and Mackenzie goes out and niall gets jealous so Mackenzie sets niall up with her friend britney


5. Telling Louis!!!!!!

Mackenzie POV.

I figured I had to tell someone sooner or later about what i acutally do. I just didnt know how i was going to tell him. Eleanor just left to go get Louis for me. While I was waiting for Louis to come my phone started ringing. I was just about to let it ring out but then I thought I might be something important.

When I anwsered the calla lady was talking to me. I dont know who she was so I asked her who she was. she then responded with im a doctor from the hospital. I then asked her why she was ringing me and she said Im ringing you because your parents just came in because they were in a car crush. When she finsihed saying that she said im sorry but they died. After she said that Louis walked in. So I said to the lady ok i will be there soon thanks for letting me know.

Louis POV.

i Walked in to my bedroom and there she was crying like crazy but she was on the phone to someone. When i walked in she said to the caller ok I will be there soon thanks for letting me know. With that she hung up the phone. I asked her who was that and she said a lady from the hospital. I asked her if everything was ok and she said yea i guess so.

Mackenzie quickly got of my bed and ran outside the room. I quickly follwed and she went stright into Harry hands and started crying.He tried to calm her down but her wasn't working that well. She finally said im sorry I have to go somewhere. She got up and asked Harry to take her somewhere. Of course he said yes because he would do anything for her. I figured she wanted to go to the hosptial because of her parents.

Harry POV.

When Mackenzie and I got to my car I asked her where we were going. She then said the hosptial and started cry again.

 ------------skip car ride---------------

we got to the hosptial and we went up to the front desk. The lady that was working there said what may I do for you. She responded with i recieved a phone call saying my parents where brought in and they past away. I guess I just came here to find out more on how they died. When she said the last bit i was so upset because they were the only family she talked to.

Mackenzie POV.

The lady explained to Harry and I that the driver of the other car was drunk. She then told us the orther driver was the only one that is still living after the crush. when she said that i got so angry. Harry had to hold me to calm myself down because he knows i want to go find that did this to my parents. After he calmed me down a lady walked over to us and asked if i was Mackenzie Anderson. I said yes I am why? she said the police are here to talk to you.

Later on the police were talking to us and asking me if i wanted to press charges. At first i didnt know if i should but then I asked if i press chardes what will happen. They then explained to us what would happen and i said i would have to get back to them about it. They were okay with it i just had to tell them before friday.Friday i have to get back to them so that leaves 2 days to talk to my agent about it.




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