The best life you can ever have!!

a teenage girl Mackenzie has a family friend and his name is Louis and she meets his friends {rest of One Direction} niall has a crush on her but her heart is set with harry. harry and Mackenzie goes out and niall gets jealous so Mackenzie sets niall up with her friend britney


4. having an awkward lunch with your boyfriends family

Harry POV.

When Gemma asked us what we were having lunch I came to terms and rememebered we were kisssing after mum asking Mackenzie if she loved me. I'm so happy she said she loved me because she means the whole world to me. If anything happend to her because of me i would kill myself because she is my life and  i wouldn't live without.

I stopped day dreaming because i had to answer my sister's question. We then later decided to go out for lunch. Mackenzie was so perfect even if she was answering all the questions my family were throwing at her. But when my step-dad Robin asked her what she did, she didn't seem herself. Even thoughI haven't known her long I have a good idea of what she is like. It was like she was hiding something from my family and i. All she said was I go to school and i just got a part time job at a cafe. 

Mackenzie POV.

Lunch was going great with Harry and his family. Even though they kept asking me questions I liked it. But when Harry step-dad asked me what i did it went down hill. I can't belive i just told them a lie. Well it wasn't a lie it was just have of what i did. I just can't tell them that im a model, singer and an actress. I just fell I need to get to know them all before I tell my life because my agent doesnt really want anyone to know what  i really do, so that is why i had to get a part time job.

We finshed lunch with his family and we headed back to Louis's house. Wehn we got to his house he and Eleanor kept asking us questions like how was it and what did you guys do etc. I said it was fun and let Harry explain the rest. Later on I started to stand up but when I stood up i was about to get a drink but for some reason i just started crying so I ran away.

Louis POV.

Mackenzie and Harry was explaining to us what they did and how fun it was. When Mackenzie got up to go get a drink she just started crying. I didn't know what to do. I then looked at Harry and I asked him what was wrong but he didnt know. But then he said Robin asked her what she did and she wasn't herself for some reason.

I quickly got up to go find her but when I got to the bathroom i heard her crying. She wasn't opening that door so i went and got Eleanor because she is a girl and so is Mackenzie and I figured they would talk to eachother. I got Eleanor butshe wouldnt talk to her she just said to her can you please go get Louis for me.


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