The best life you can ever have!!

a teenage girl Mackenzie has a family friend and his name is Louis and she meets his friends {rest of One Direction} niall has a crush on her but her heart is set with harry. harry and Mackenzie goes out and niall gets jealous so Mackenzie sets niall up with her friend britney


2. date with harry and call from new boss

After my interview I went to Louis's house. When we got to his he asked me what Harry and I were talking about while him and everyone else were gone. I told him and he said great I new you and him would get along and I am very happy if you go on that date with him because I only wished you would get with him.

I was just about to get my phone out and text Harry but the door bell rang so I stopped what I was doing to see who was at the door. I then continue what I was doing then I heard my name being called by Harry immediately got up and ran to him and jumped into his arms like a little kid. He was shocked with what I did and the I quickly said yes to the date then he said you better go get ready then. I stooped and I then turned to Louis and explained I had no clothes here then he remember when I stayed with him for a month I left some of my clothes here. So I go get ready.

An hour later I was ready for my date and half an hour ago Eleanor got here to help me with my makeup and hair. I was just about to go downstairs to go on my date with Harry but I stopped because my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID and it said unknown I quickly yelled at to Harry that I will be a bit longer because someone is calling me. He yells back ok baby.

I quickly answered the phone call and a man starts asking questions like is the Mackenzie and respond with yes this is she how may I help you. He then responds with well the job you had an interview for earlier in the morning is know yours you start on Monday and my best worker Harry will be teaching you on what to do.

After I finished the phone call I went downstairs. As I was walking down stairs everyone was staring at me for some strange reason. Harry finally speaks up saying who was on the phone and I said my new boss. He then asked me what my new job was and he was like I do that part time.

A couple of minutes later Harry comes and hugs me and kisses me on the check and whispers in my ear you look beautiful tonight and I cant wait to have you at my flat tonight. When he finished saying that I started blushing like crazy then Louis says what's wrong. I had to cover Harry up so I said I was just excited about tonight and we are leaving now by see you tomorrow.

Later on we had finished dinner and I asked Harry if we can leave now. Of course he said yes because of the way I said it. Harry got up and came over to my side of the table and held as his hand for me to take it. when I stood up I looked up in Harry's beautiful eyes and without even thinking I kissed him. At first he was shocked because he didn't kiss back but then he started kissing back. We were kissing for a bit until she see flashes I immediately stopped kissing Harry and said we have to leave straight away. He looked sad when I said that but then he saw flashes and he quickly took my hand and we ran to his car.

---------skip car ride---------

We got to Harry's flat. He was just about to open his door considering he had just unlocked it but I stopped him. He then questioned me by saying is something wrong. I froze for a bit then I said no everything is perfect and he ok. I didn't know what to do so I kissed him this was not like the kiss before. This kiss was more deep and passionate and he stopped and told me to jump. Of course I did because I knew where this was going.

 We got inside and he took me start to his bed. Without even asking him I ripped of his shirt. when I had finished ripping it of he looked so happy. He then took my dress off. When he fished taking my shirt of I stopped him and said this isn't fair I quickly flipped him so I was on top. I then made my way done to his pants and took them of just to be fair.

Later that night that was all we were doing kissing and cuddling. But we didn't just do that I got up and turned some music on and started dancing. After a little while Harry stopped watching me dance and picked me up. I told to put be down so I can get him back. He then dropped me in the pool. He then joined then came up to me and said what are you going to do to me. I then kissed him we were kissing for a bit then I got out of the pool an di went inside he later followed but I was in the shower he then knocked the door down and came in the shower. We got out of the shower and got changed into his clothes and with that we went to sleep.

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