Meeting The 5 Princes and Falling In Love With One... (1D FanFic)

When this girl named Joy Summers meets 1D she falls in love with Zayn the bradford bad boy and to her she thought Zayn was soooo perfect like a prince and treated her all nice until..... These Stories i will post on Movellas will be on wattpad too so don't think im copying.


3. Seeing Each Other As One Of A Kind...

Niall's POV 

We were eating when I got a text from my girlfriend Melanie. She told me that we should go on a date and that we should do it now. I told her okay and I left the boys and Joy at the table. They didn't even know I left. How mean. They're my friends. Anyways I was psyched to see Melanie, I haven't seen her in like 2-5 days?! Almost a week. Anyways I plan to introduce Joy to Melanie. Since she's wearing her clothes. I thought it would be cool if I just tell her that she's borrowing her clothes... Melanie screeched and told Joy that it was a ok to wear her clothes... In fact she now wants to go shopping with Joy! Well she makes friends easily! That's how Melanie and I met actually. She was so interested in everybody and was open and sociable with everyone except me. She stuttered and stuff. I thought it was cute so I asked her on a date. She said yes. Then we became boyfriend and girlfriend. And that's what really actually happened. 

I'm busy with testing so I couldn't really update sorry... But I'll keep working on this when I have time without homework... I'll probably keep updating for The Guys That Moved Across The Street... I have more inspiration for that. Give me some inspiration if you've got any ideas! Thanks for reading!

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