Meeting The 5 Princes and Falling In Love With One... (1D FanFic)

When this girl named Joy Summers meets 1D she falls in love with Zayn the bradford bad boy and to her she thought Zayn was soooo perfect like a prince and treated her all nice until..... These Stories i will post on Movellas will be on wattpad too so don't think im copying.


1. Meeting The Boys...

Chap 1 Joy's POV It was my first time moving to bradford as I wandered around the streets looking at the navigation system I had on my iPhone. Someone tapped me on this shoulder and asked if I was lost... This husky voice... Where have I... Oh. I turned around to see a guy in a leather jacket, white v-neck shirt and ripped jeans. This looks like... Zayn?! The Zayn from one direction? No way why would he talk to a hopeless someone lost on the street? Maybe he was kind hearted... I turned around to face him as he asked the question again. I said yes as he said where you headed? Do you need a place to stay? It's getting pretty late/dark as it was 5:30PM. I told him that I needed a place to stay for the night and he just escorted me to his place! I was pretty shocked at how medium sized his place was... Well if you were famous I'm pretty sure that you would buy a mansion of some sort. But this was a nice sized apart. for 5 people! Unless the rest of 1D weren't living with each other. He escorted me in the cozy apartment and looked around to see if the other boys remains we're in this apart. But I didn't see anything so while I was looking Zayn saw that I was looking and searching the area Zayn seemed to notice that I was expecting way more people here than just Zayn. He asked me if I was expecting more people and I told him yes. He said they were all out with their girlfriends except for Liam and Louis and Zayn. the rest of them don't really live there... He said they just come and go whenever they want. Zayn's POV I was strolling on the streets of Bradford as I saw an awfully beautiful lost girl. She never told me her name... Oh! Let me ask her! Oh ok... Her name is Joy... What a beautiful name just like her. Joy Summers.... What a beautiful name..... She said she needed to know where to get to Bradford and told her that it was here! She was looking for a place to stay for the night I told her she could stay at my place... She accepted but when we got there she looked like she was searching for someone... Ah I think she's searching for the rest of my crew... I asked her "looking for something?" she said that she was just wondering where all of the other crew were and I said that they didn't live here and they just come and go whenever they want. She said "oh... Ok" I told her that she could stay a while but she probably didn't want to because she would be a burden if that's what she thought. She really wasn't... She was nice and fun even though we didn't hang out that long yet... Then suddenly one of the boys came back... The door opened and it was Niall... He yelled in a loud way saying " I'm back Bradford!!!" and I looked at the look on Joy's face and she looked half scared and half surprised. I looked at Niall who looked at Joy then back at me and made a weird face... Niall asked " is she your..." I cut him off with a no! And looked at Joy with a :/ face and just left it at that... Niall asked her her name and she said Joy... Joy Summers... Then Liam and Louis came out of their rooms and said " what's the big ruckus about?" then they stopped as they noticed Joy standing in front of the hallway as she looked at them when they were wearing their boxers! Haha it was so funny seeing them run to their rooms without a shirt and just boxers and socks... Weird family I have... Niall's POV I came home yelling like I was king of the house until I saw this girl named Joy... She was beautiful... She had black hair with a blue dyed edge ( dip dye) at the bottom of her hair, freckles, and hazel eyes. It was like she was one of those model dolls.... Um what were they called?.... OH YEAH! Barbies. Except not like those ugly ones... She also was nice unlike those pretty sluts... They may be pretty but they have a seriously ugly attitude it makes me want to look the opposite direction. Joy... She was different... Way way different. She didn't really act like those screaming fan girls because she didn't scream nor have a fan sign of some sort. Very interesting. Liam's POV How embarrassing! Well even though I have this extremely nice body. But it was a girl I didn't know and I was wearing my pink unicorn boxers... Okay too much information that I've just said.. Hope she doesn't say anything about it... Or else I can never face them again with all the humiliation that I've just caused in front of all of them... Niall was right... Never wear what you normally wear when you've heard someone open the door of else you will regret it... And I did :( I wish I died.. Or at least I should have. I nearly died of embarrassment after a girl seeing my type or my ideal type of underwear.... Louis' POV I came of my room not knowing there was a girl that Zayn brought home from.... Who knows where?! Anyways Liam and I came out asking and wanting to know what the ruckus was about and then that's when we saw the girl and the girl saw us! It was a once I'm a life time experience of total utter embarrassment! If I'd known that she was standing there I wouldn't of come out like a retard showing everyone my math boxers because I loved math. But it wasn't as bad as Liam! Haha he had those pink unicorn boxers. My socks also weren't matching like Liam's were but mine were just plain blue. Anyways I heard the others talking as me and Liam were getting changed but I guess her names Joy... What a wonderful name... She could just cheer me up if I were down... Joy Summers... Was a seriously unique name for a name with Joy in it. Let's hope she gives me joy in life haha.... Harry's POV I was coming home from a club I went to called 'Paradise' and brought a few girls home... Hope Zayn doesn't mind... I had 2 one on my left and one on my right. I opened the door and walked in to see a girl with black hair and hazel eyes... Oh not to mention the freckles! And her dip dyed hair! She was amazing! Unlike these sluts who just want fame just cause she had a one night stand with Harry Styles. Psch yea right... They take pictures of me when I'm sleeping And put themselves in it and post it on the web.... I'm sort of the one with the bad image because all of that shit is getting posted by bitches telling lies..... God I can't stand it. But I'll never learn from my mistakes even if I'm told so. I made a move on her as I dropped the girls I bout home and focused my eyes all on her. None of the boys were making a move so I just did for them. I stated in my flirty tone " hey, you from around here? Cause I've never seen you before" she looked at Zayn with a weird face and smiled at him when he smiled back at her.... Is it what I was thinking? Were they dating or what? Joy's POV I just moved here and I've met the most famous people here! This is getting interesting! I told them that I've gotten lost from getting home. I was checking out some stores and once I knew it I was lost... I texted my mom and said that I was staying over at a friends and she was happy that I've made friends but what I haven't told her was that they were boys... Not to mention ONE DIRECTION! But she just sended me the address of our new house and I kept it on my phone. I asked Zayn where I was going to sleep and he said that he'll sleep on the couch and that I could sleep in his room! I didn't want to be a burden but I guess I had to because I didn't want to show up to school crouched down like an old woman... I looked at the bed and it was a king sized bed so I just said in my head but I guess I said it aloud " why don't you just sleep on the other side of the bed? It's a king size anyway..." he looked at me with a shocked face " are you sure it's all right with you?" I replied " yea... But if you try anything funny you'll be dead!" he laughed and said okay. He asked me which school I went to I told him " I'm going to go to Nolvey High... What about you?" he looked surprised as I said the name he told me and said " we do too. All of us..." I smiled and said "then you can show me around right?!" he laughed and said " of course" then he picked up the phone that was in my hand and put in all of the boys' numbers in including his. He told me to text him and tell him where I was when I got to school. I simply nodded and texted him to let him know my number as well as the boys. They all got the text from me saying " hey this is Joy!" it was also a group text so all of them responded as I heard their ringtones go off. Zayn texted them in group text excluding me that I'm also going to go to their high school and they all texted back in the group text that included me " wow Joy! Let's all enjoy the days of Nolvey High together okay?! Well better get sleeping! It's nearly 9! And that's how my day went with one direction. I was awoken by Zayn as he was tapping me lightly shaking me a little. He whispered to me saying that I need to get dressed for school. Oh my god! I nearly forgot! I was startled a little but then I asked him what I was going to wear and he said he could wear Niall's girlfriends old clothes. They fit me perfectly as I tried them on... Zayn gasped slightly as he looked at me with the whole enchilada on. I thought that he thought I looked weird but he said I look like everyone else. I commented with a thanks and Zayn smiled at me. I told my mom to get my backpack and stuff ready so I can just take it and leave... But she forgot. I told Zayn I had to get my backpack at home and he asked where I live and I told him and he drove us ALL there. As we got to my house the boys followed me inside as I asked my mom where my backpack was and she said on the counter I looked as she didn't get it ready and I ran upstairs and got all my things and put it in the bag. My mom was starting to talk to Zayn and the boys saying to take care of me and stuff. Haha she's got a case of overprotectiveness it's obvious she doesn't want me to wonder off somewhere and get raped as the worst case scenario. They all nodded as I came down stairs. They all looked at me and my mom asked me where I got those clothes and Niall plopped his head up saying it was his girlfriends old clothes and she thanked him as he replied that it was no problem. I told her that they were taking me to school because they also go to the same school. While I was upstairs they were also introducing each other and came in to my house. As the boys and I said our goodbyes my mom waved goodbye. Then as we got into the car Harry said " wow Joy your mum is so nice and beautiful! Just like you!" then he said " I see where you've got your looks from" I laughed and so did the other boys as Harry looked confused. The other boys stated that I look not that much like my mother and that only some parts look alike. I nodded in agreement with them and Harry sighed and said " damn... Guess my charm failed this time..." everyone laughed as we parked in the student lot. Zayn left the windows open and I asked why and he told me that fans like to drop stuff in the first time we parked here there were gifts outside of our car blocking the exit for it so they had to pick them all up and stuff them in the trunk. There was more than 3,000! I was surprised. "but if that happens... How will we all fit in the car?" he said that I would have to sit on someone's lap! I didn't want to be a bother to others but Louis volunteered so I accepted. They all crowded around me as I was holding my schedule. I had 4 classes with Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall... But I had all six classes with Zayn! But technically I had 7 including lunch lol. Louis also had sixth period with me but not fifth. I started walking with them as we walked out of the office and a wave of girls.... No literally! A wave of girls came and the boys started covering me. They were loud and screaming but took pictures too. Louis whispered to me to picture them like a wave of annoying Harry's screaming " joy joy! I think your hot!" I laughed as he did the same... Louis was funny. Once we made it through I we all walked in one line together. It sort of looked like we were in a gang but it was cool. I didn't have anything to worry about... I knew they would protect me even though we've only met each other a day ago haha. 1st period Biology, 2nd period Math, 3rd period Financial Literacy, 4th period English, Lunch, 5th period P.E., 6th period Art. It made me feel relieved that I had classes with people I knew... Especially if we only knew each other for a day! But I felt comfortable with all of them. I felt like they were my brothers and family! I was now proud of what had came for me in this part of life. As I was going to biology, there was one open seat in the middle of one direction. They all whispered for me to sit there and I did. Then as I sat down this blonde bitchy girl told me that that was her spot but I saw her sitting at the desk over there chatting with her friends over there just a few minutes ago.... I see... She was jealous just because I was sitting next to one direction. Then she said " move!" in a loud yet mean way! Then all the boys said " oh come on Joy! Don't move just cause that bitch said so... Stay here with us cause were family and family can't be separated!" then she gasped as Louis called her a bitch. I chuckled as she sat back to her REAL seat and that's how first period in biology started. We studied the human body and then I felt a tingle from Louis as he blew on my hair. I heard a faint snoring sound as I looked at Zayn then chuckled as he looked at Harry and pointed at him. I laughed as Liam started glueing things to those amazing curls of his lol. Liam started taking notes as mr. Schroeder started writing things on the board. I came back to my senses as I was starting to write notes. After class was over Harry came by my side a grabbed a hold of my small hand. Every girl looked shocked as they all gasped and awed at the scene that Harry was making. I whispered him to stop but he wouldn't so I took a hold of Louis' hand and Harry started getting pouty and I let go of Louis' hand and Harry's face was reassured. We then went to math and studied the Pythagorean theorem while this other girl that was blonde with blue highlight... It was pretty... Just not on her. She asked me if I was in my right mind. I told her ya she asked are you sure or are you just trying to get with One Direction? I said never! And all the boys commented with a " yea Joy would never do that! She's our nice neighbor too!" "So don't think you know everything you ugly good for nothing slut!" replied Louis. She went away with a sassy hair flip which looked really unprofessional be tee dubs. Then I turned around to the boys and clapped and made a victory face... What? I couldn't help it so don't judge... It was nearly lunch time and my stomach started growling... The guys around me all heard it as I blushed in embarrassment! They all chuckled and the bell rang. We went to financial literacy and everybody's eyes were on us. I actually thought people were looking at me but no... It was all on one direction. I sighed as I felt a hand tap on my left shoulder... I looked as I saw no one standing there and quickly looked to the right of me as the boys were all pointing in suspicion of Zayn. I punched him playfully and the girls sighed in jealousy. I smiled as he smiled back but then I sort of slowed from the group and went behind Zayn. I poked him on the left side but then looked on his right. I was on his left as he looked at where I was standing. He then pushed my head down and I looked like I was looking down. I flipped out and started mentally cursing at Zayn causing him to look at me weird. It was unbelievable! Then while the teacher was holding the door we walked into the classroom as he said " Zayn! Stop messing with girls! They're not toys!" then the boys laughed and I laughed and we walked in as I pushed Zayn really hard when he got pushed in to a group of boys... They seemed like jocks. I gasped and Zayn said sorry then I giggled and the jocks all started to whisper... I bet it was about me because they started to check me out. One of them came up to me he was tall had blonde hair and he looked about sophomoreish, he looked about 16 and his name was Chris Zylka and he said in an Irish accent "Where you from? I don't think I've seen you here before..." I replied " yeah, I'm new here. I just moved from Miami" he replied " oh that's nice... Does that mean you're one of those beach babes with the nice bodies?" I thought in my mind oh brother... Not one of these guys... Gross they have nothing better to do... I replied " yeah, why you wanna see?" he looked surprised as he nodded and I started to lift up my shirt and the boys were looking too and right when I was about to the bell rang and the teacher walked in and I quickly pulled down my shirt and stuck out my tongue playfully and teased at him " just kidding dude" then he looked mad and slammed his hand on his desk and grunted and then sighed angrily. His friends laughed at him and started teasing him. Then Harry said " were you really going to show him?" I replied " no, nothing your eyes will see anyways" the boys ohhhhed me as they said "buuuuurrrrn" and I laughed as the teacher cleared his throat and said " okay class we have a new student here today.. Her name is Joy... Please welcome her as we start this class of English. Today we will be learning about Romeo and Juliet." " please refrain yourself from the clip as it has a guys butt." we all laughed and then settled down. It started playing and we all started to stare into the screen like constipated people. I heard some people make noises I turned around to see that Liam and Louis were playing on their phones and Niall was reading. Zayn was watching with me talking to me saying that they're weird and crap. Harry.... I don't know where he was... Making out with girls? Anyways it was finally lunch after all those long hours! We were going to the cafeteria when all the guys and girls made way for one direction and me... All the girls drooled and all the guys sighed and rolled their eyes. All the boys checked me out and waved at me... I waved at them back. They gave me cute looks and sexy ones. I thought one of them touched my butt but that was just the table. I went near this really really cute guy and he held me by the hips as I put my arms around his neck and he kissed me on the cheek and he said "hey I'm jake" he smiled I replied " hey I'm Joy" I replied back. I put my number in his hand as we parted and he texted me " hey did you enjoy that kiss?" I replied back " psch yea it was hot" lolololololol..... I WILL UPDATE SOON!!!!
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