Meeting The 5 Princes and Falling In Love With One... (1D FanFic)

When this girl named Joy Summers meets 1D she falls in love with Zayn the bradford bad boy and to her she thought Zayn was soooo perfect like a prince and treated her all nice until..... These Stories i will post on Movellas will be on wattpad too so don't think im copying.


2. High School

Joy's POV


I felt my phone vibrate as that guy Jake texted me. I pulled it out as it said "Hey did you enjoy that kiss?" I replied " yeah it was hot..." I looked back and smiled at him. When all the guys saw me and him kiss cheek and cheek they sighed I winked at their direction and waved as they waved back like constipated dogs. I went over to my crew of one direction and grabbed some food. Whatever they grabbed was free so I asked them if I had to pay and Louis volunteered to pay for me! But then the lunch lady saw him take out his wallet to hand me money but then she said " oh no Louis you mustn't. I can make her free as well." I looked at the boys in shock as I can now get free lunch! I said thanks to her and she nodded and whispered to me and said " now dear, don't you ever lose them." "you're the lucky one... The prettiest one out of the rest that they've brought and the nicest one." she gave me a smile and I gave her one back. She complimented that I've got a prettier I thanked her once again and left with the food. I had what the boys had. They had their very own table I mean seriously their own table. It had their own name on it. The table had their name on it and it had their signatures on it too. Their chairs had their faces on it. There wasn't enough chair as I looked. I sighed as I placed my food and started walking away to go fetch myself a chair. I looked back as someone called my name. It was Harry with a chair that said Joy :) on it. I never thought they would prepare something like this so fast! I walked back and sat down. I told them that they didn't have to do this for me but they said I deserve it. I new it was fate but seemed more like destiny. It was great being with the guys. They gave me hope and confidence. I was a new Joy today. I felt more and more happier every-time I was with the boys. I couldn't believe that this was actually happening to me. I was never really a favorite in middle school because I didn't have that much friends but now I do. "thanks you guys... I never will actually know how to repay you :)" I said as they all looked up at me. they just smiled and said " just do what you feel like is repaying or just do a favor back for us." I wanted to pack lunch for them and go on a picnic since I knew how to cook a few recipes but I thought we should all Go watch a movie. We looked at what was in the movie list and Evil Dead was on it. I really really was longing to see that movie. I heard it was scary as hell but I never really got the chance to watch the trailer yet. I asked Jake since he was my 'boyfriend' and he said yea. We got there and got our tickets. We actually sat way at the top of the movie theater where it's for V.I.P's and well it was nice. I sat next to Jake on the right of me and Zayn on the left. Niall was next to Zayn and then Louis and Liam. Harry sat behind us... I was uncomfortable with the staring and all but then when it became scary as I held tightly onto Jake's hand. I closed my eyes tightly as the scary part was coming. He held me tight and my head was in his chest. Wow it's warm in here inside his heart. I never knew Jake was one of these guys who looked like players but had a warm heart for girls. I clenched my letter as I was scared to death by this movie. I felt Zayn's hand creep up against mine and grab it as it was the scary part. I grabbed his hand too and it felt weird. I'm dating one guy and holding another's hand? I looked over and around to see if all the other guys were chickened out but where did they go? I looked back and to the side of Zayn but where we're they? Did they chicken out already? Didn't have a hand to hold on to? After the scary part was over I let go of Zayn's hand before Jake could notice. The boys returned and came back to their seats. I sighed as I looked at Jake as he looked at me. Then we turned our heads back to the theater screen and continued watching. It wasn't as scary as the middle part of the movie as we continued watching. I thought I was going to die but I didn't after the movie was over. The boys and I had a deep conversation about the movie that lasted like I don't know 31/2 hours? While they were having their convo. Jake and I decided to stroll off and watch another movie. But this time in the back seats instead of V.I.P. seats. They were comfy and all but I just preferred the back seats. We were holding hands as he started to look at other girls. I grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to me and kissed him on the cheek. He looked surprised at my action as I looked away... He pulled me closer as I was still facing the opposite of him. He then tapped my shoulder as our hands were still connected. I looked over to him and then he just kissed me! I pushed him playfully and started to go as red as a tomato. I went all out and started blowing up my face. He started to laugh and said " was that your first kiss?" I replied by not replying. We watched The Call. It was a good movie you know just serial killer killing girls and stuffing them in the trunk... What good manners he has to just shove a girl in there. Stuffy.... Anyways after the movie ended I checked my text messages and calls and wow! I got 219 calls and 376 messages. 39 from Zayn 23 from Niall 29 from Liam 30 from Louis and wow 98 from Harry. I can't even count the text messages... Too many, can't believe my phone didn't blow up.... I texted them all back saying I was fine. They all texted me back saying ok and stuff. They told me to go home. I said ok and talked to Jake about it and he understood. He kissed me goodnight and we went with that. I came home to my house as I was on my way I always walked past the boys' house because we lived some streets away. They gave me the keys to their house so they made 8 keys in all. 2 for the girlfriends and 5 for them and 1 for me. My key was designed with their faces on it lol it was funny. I went in the house using they're key and all of them were sitting on the couch looking at me while playing video games. But I made sure all of them were there and I saw that Louis, Liam and Zayn weren't in the huddle. It was only Harry and Niall. I said hi to them as they said hi back. I went up the stairs and through the hallway and saw that 4 doors were open and 1 door was closed. I went through the open doors first. First it was Liam's door. I went through and knocked on the door frame. He looked up as he was laying on his bed with a tank top and shorts. He wasn't wearing that when he went to the movies.... He smiled and patted down on the space on his bed and made room for me as I was coming over to him. I laid on the bed as I rested my head on my bent arm. He did the same. We both looked at each other and laughed. We talked about the movie and laughed and agreed on a lot of things. I guess it was late and my eyes started to get heavy and they suddenly closed. The last sight I saw was a blurry Liam. I woke up startled and Liam was sleeping like an angel. I looked at my phone to text my mom but it seems that Liam already did that for me. The last text from my mom was ok. What it said before that was that ' mom, I'm going to sleep over a friends so don't worry :)'. Wow that's really thoughtful of Liam... He was a great brother....... I went out of Liam's room and went into my room that they had for me when we first met. I used Niall's girlfriends clothes since I wasn't going to stop by my house anytime soon. I went into the bathroom and checked myself. Then I went back to Liam's room to go get my phone. When I came out Zayn was coming out of his room....


Liam's POV


I was daydreaming after the movie as I heard a knock on my doorframe. It was Joy... I smiled as she came in. I patted the bed space infront of me and she came as she laid down with me. We were talking about the movie as her eyes suddenly started to close slowly. I pulled out her phone out of her back pocket and I unlocked it. Her mum had texted. I told her that she's fine and that she's just staying over at a friends house and she said ok. I left it at that and pulled the covers on her and me as I was getting ready to sleep. I heard something in the morning it sounded like she's awake already. I just left it alone and fell back asleep.


Zayn's POV


I woke up from a seriously good nap. I was still a little sleepy and I came out of my room wearing basketball shorts and a white tank top. You never know whose going to be in around the house so I just put it on just in case. I came out as I saw what seemed to look like Joy if I'm not mistaken. I looked at her and she smiled brightly back at me... I looked confused as why she was coming out of Liam's room... No way! Are they? What?! I looked confused and pointed at Liam's room as I was giving her a weird face. She said she accidentally fell asleep in there while talking to him. I wonder what about. I wonder why she didn't come to me... Well that's uh weird for her to sleep with Liam if she is closer to me. I asked her if she was in that kinda relationship and she said no and laughed I asked her what was so funny and she replied back "you actually think that I would go out with Liam?!" I didn't know how to reply so I just stuttered " I-I-I thh-oouugghhtt tha-t maybe y-ou and him w-would hook up... Since you came out of his room and all..." she replied " I was just asking some questions but I guess I just fell asleep in the midst of talking and didn't even know it." I replied back with an "oh" and walked into the kitchen. And that's how my morning began...


Niall's POV


I was up early and making breakfast as I heard zayn and Joy talk into the hallway... I guess after all that's happened she decided to sleep here... Since our house was a bit closer to the movie theater than hers... It seemed like she loved to have company because she was an only child. We were her brothers and that's that. I felt bad for her because her house isn't really that big to fit all 5 of us... But it'll work out somehow... I hope...


Louis' POV


I woke to a group of 2 people talking right infront of my room. How annoying. They're like pigeons that stay on your roof and hoot for a couple of damn hours. It was Joy and Zayn. I bet those two love birds are talkin it out while I'm here you know ease dropping into their conversation. They were talking about Joy sleeping.... IN LIAM'S ROOM?! What's going on here?! ..... Oh Joy was just sleeping in Liam's room because she fell asleep in there. I see how it is...


Harry's POV


I've woken up to what seems like 2 people talking. I couldn't help but to listen at what Zayn said " .... Since you came out of Liam's room and all..." what! Joy slept with Liam? I need to get the deetss... Let me just pull out my phone and ask Lia.... " I was just asking questions but I guess I just fell asleep in the midst of talking and didn't even know it..." what?! ' just fell asleep?' so they didn't do anything? Damn it Liam! Why didn't you make some moves? He's got some learning to do...


Liams POV


I woke up as Joy was gone. She probably used Niall's girlfriends clothes too... I got changed and I looked around to see if she forgot anything. Nope nothing in particular anyway. I looked over and saw her blue watch standing about on my desk... Oooh shiny :). I liked her watch because it wasn't just blue... It was metallic blue. I picked it up and got out of my room as I grabbed a pair of socks on the way. I was wearing a blue and black plaid shirt with skinny jeans.... My lucky ones in fact. 

I was feeling lucky today. I feel that I'm going to get a girl that actually likes me back for who I am. I walked into the kitchen as I saw the boys and Joy sitting round the table. They were eating sausage and scrambled eggs... My favorite... Yum.

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