The Highest Fence

Roselle Smith has everything she could ever dream of... Except the only thing she really wants is an adventure!


1. Just A Little Storm

          "Roselle Avalia Belanova Volloshin Smith! Where have you been young lady? I have been worried sick! I searched the whole barn for you!!" I sighed as my tall, elegant adopted mother, Talia Smith, paced beside my ebony Frisian stallion Midnight.

           "Mom, stop pacing... You're gonna spook Midnight!" I spoke softly to my golden girl mom. Thin and tall with elegant glimmering gold hair and slightly tanned skin, she was the picture of pure confidence. I on the other hand, was pale, as though the sun didn't know I existed, and had hair so dark it sucked the light out of any situation. I quickly slid off my velveteen black show helmet, releasing my waist length, perfectly straightened mane. Midnight whinnied nervously and I quickly soothed him. I smoothly dismounted with an air of grace, confidence and poise only I could manage. Mom suddenly grinned like an idiot and pointed behind me as I properly fastened my stirrups. Turning to her and giving her my best death glare she walked away, hands in the surrender position. I smiled and turned as Aidan's velvety, rich voice reached my ears even though it was accompanied by some horrific panting.

           "Rose? Hey, Rose, Wanna ride down to the track and ride for a while?" I grinned and nodded at him.

          "Hey Aidan! Nice top! Um. Let me untack and and groom Midnight then I will grab Sunny, groom her and tack her up... What event are we working today?" I rambled on as my chiming voice gathered in his ears.

         "Ok... Hey, Thanks, Ok and all of them..." I grinned when he came around and hugged me.

        "Ok! Ok! You can get off now!" He smiled and I giggled as I took Midnight in. I untacked her and groomed her while I let my thoughts wander. Finally coming back to, I realized I had taken Midnight back out and was standing in front of my personal horse's stall.

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