Niall and me

I used to think that i knew Niall Horan, you know, the famous guy in one direction. He was my brother Liam Payne`s best friend, and until they both went on to X-Factor, I loved Niall, more then a friend. One day i see both Liam and Nialler in the park, and then my life takes a turn.


13. we are better off without her

Millie`s P.O.V. I had to tell Lou eleanor was pregnant with Liams baby. It wouldn`t be right if i didnt tell him. He is by far a better friend then Eleanor is. We were in San Francisco, and we were staying in Palace Hotel (its actually a real hotel) and i had to walk down to Lous room and tell him. Niall already knew, and he agreed on me telling lou. i knocked on the door and opened it, seeing El and Lou snuggling under the covers. "Umm Lou, can i talk to you?" El gave me a death stare, a look saying if you tell him i will beat the living shit out of you. "Ya how bout you do it right here?" " I would rather not, i mean its a surprise." "ohh ok." we walked into the hallway and i burst out with the words. "lou, eleanor and liam did it and htye didnt use protection and now she`s pregnant with liams baby!' tears sprang out of his eyes, and then eleanor came running up to him and giving him a big hug. " what the hell did you do to him? i knew you were an arse!" "actually eleanor the qustion is what you did with one of my best mates! i am so lucky to have a friend like millie,we are through you fucking bitch!" "louis, i was drunk and upset! and millie, you better get prepared for the beating of your shitty little life!"with that, louis tripped eleanor and she fell down, crying in pain. lou walked off, and i heard the hotel room door slam and loud sobs escaping his mouth. eleanor looked up at me, grabbed the glass vase off the little table in the hallway, and slammed it against my head. all i remeber is niall kicking eleanor and kissing me, whispering i was going to be fine. i didnt think my friendship with el was going to end that way, but after niall and i said we loved eachother, i blacked out.

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