Niall and me

I used to think that i knew Niall Horan, you know, the famous guy in one direction. He was my brother Liam Payne`s best friend, and until they both went on to X-Factor, I loved Niall, more then a friend. One day i see both Liam and Nialler in the park, and then my life takes a turn.


7. the big news

Nialls P.O.V. As i drove millie and sky down to the hospital, i started crying and cursing and punching the steering wheel. if my wife and daughter die, suicide it is for me. i pulled into the parking lot and carried my family inside. the man at the front desk saw how bad it was, he ran to help. he lifted sky out of my arms and without saying anything, i followed him into a room saying operation. as a few days passed, i sat in the smae exact blue and white chair until the doctor told me something. " mr.horan, your daughter had to get stitches on her forehead, and she has a broken arm but you might wanna hear about your wife.'

"what happened to her!' ' well she is alive and........

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