Niall and me

I used to think that i knew Niall Horan, you know, the famous guy in one direction. He was my brother Liam Payne`s best friend, and until they both went on to X-Factor, I loved Niall, more then a friend. One day i see both Liam and Nialler in the park, and then my life takes a turn.


6. the big mistake

Eleanors P.O.V. I honestly shouldnt of been so mad at louis, i mean im cheating on him to.

Millies P.O.V. Today i was supposed to go to aplace with niall and the new baby, and as you probably know its a girl named skyler anne horan. we were going down to nandos, where niall wanted to tell me something. he came in and i saw a girl sitting at a table and niall smiled worriedly at her. he walked over to her and whispered something in her ear. she came over to me and said, 'im dating niall, so hes breaking up with you!" niall was about to protest, but i ran out just in time to see a car smash into me and skyler.

Nialls P.O.V. I am absolutely not dating my own cousin! her names abbey, i was going to ask her if she could tell millie that we were going on tour! ' abbey, you idiot! i hate you with all my life! im going after mil!' as i walked out, i sa millie screaming for help, and skler had blood crawling down her pale face. " millie, i am not dating abbey! shes just my cousin! i needed heer to tell you something, but right now im getting you to the hospital i love you so much!" " i love you to nialler, i love you sky!' i think those might have been her last words.

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