Niall and me

I used to think that i knew Niall Horan, you know, the famous guy in one direction. He was my brother Liam Payne`s best friend, and until they both went on to X-Factor, I loved Niall, more then a friend. One day i see both Liam and Nialler in the park, and then my life takes a turn.


14. millie`s P.O.V.

A/N (This chapter is all Millie`s P.O.V.)

I woke up in a strange room to see no one standing next to me. it was pitch black and i was wearing a beautiful white gown, and my hair was curled and it was so perfect, except for the gag tied to my mouth. "Well, hello there Amelia Grace Payne, or whatever your fucking nickname is, Millie or whatever. Well, you 'accidentely' missed your wedding with Neal Horan, or whatever HIS name is. So, being your father, i object to the wedding. And, don`t scream, or else the knife will just go further. That instant he had a knife in his hand, scraping down my throat. The white dress was instantly blood red, and the world was spinning. I woke up, sweating and my hands clutched a hospital bed. "Oh my god, guys she`s awake!" i felt a pair of soft lips crash into mine and mine moved in sync with him, Niall. Fireworks erupted in my body, and sparks flew. I heard the door open and Louis cover his eyes, "EWWWW! `millie, i am not gonna visit you because whenever i come in, you and Niall are snogging. Ugh, Liam cover your eyeballs, and guys NO P.D.A!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Sowwy Louiy we won`t do it ever again, well around you. And what happened to me anyway?" "Eleanor hit you with a glass vase and then you were unconcious and we drove you to the hospital, Eleanor is actually sitting outside. She has something to tell you. I saw her face from the hospital window, and a knife was in her hand! " I think me and liam and niall will go get something to eat, be back in like 5 minutes." says Louis. The bpys left and Eleanor walked in, the knife coming into perfect view. "Hi, Millie. Your head must really hurt right, well you might feel more pain you have ever felt in a life time right now." I felt a sharp blade jab into my leg, and warm blood trickle, i couldn`t scream, only feel the ecruitiating pain and then i heard Niall and he kissed me screaming for help. At least i was still in the hospital, it might not be such a bad place to die if niall was standing next to me. I slowly blacked out, eleanor did it again.


guys, i need some ideas. nobody has commented if they want liam zayn or hazza to be their bf. please help me! ideas are very useful, you will get credit!!

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