Niall and me

I used to think that i knew Niall Horan, you know, the famous guy in one direction. He was my brother Liam Payne`s best friend, and until they both went on to X-Factor, I loved Niall, more then a friend. One day i see both Liam and Nialler in the park, and then my life takes a turn.


5. eleanor calder

'LOUIS YOU IDIOT! YOU KNOW WHAT, IM NOT ELEANOR TOMILSON ANYMORE, IM ELEANOR CALDER!!! HAVE FUN WITH YOUR NEW GIRLFRIEND PYSCHOPATH!' screamed el. everyone stared at louis, zayn with his jaw open, harry shaking his head and niall and liam and i went to take el to my house, while perri and zayn went to take liam to his flat.

Louis P.O.V. i cant believe el thought i was making out with that girl, she forced me to kiss her, and she was super strong. Ugh, girls have that charm on me, and i kinda kissed her back, but barely. i mean, i wasnt making out with her, i just lightly kissed her for like 1 minute on the lips and we only made out for like 50 seconds, if you count tongues. No big deal right. NOOO LOUIS YOU CHEATED ON EL!!!! and now shes fricking divorcing me!! ugh, im so stupid!" *ring, ring, ring* " hi, its perri speaking, omg really, on the same day! poor el though, yeah ill be right over with zayn, no i wont bring him, yes bye" "who was that?" i asked. "your son is being born, but your only the biogical father, and el doesnt want you to come, and millies baby is being delivered, and she is very mad at you louis." "WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME!I CANT SEE MY OWN SON I RUIN EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' "sorry lou, but mil and el said they didnt want you there so, i guess i will give you a ring, bye lou!" said zayn.

Eleanors P.O.V. louis is never aloud to see trenton. he cheated on me, and ugh, he is so confusing and irratating. perri told me that mil isnt letting louis see her baby either. as i was holding my new son in my arms, i wonder how his life would be without a daddy. i am never dating again, i dont care how hard it will be, i have millie and perri and zayn and harry and liam and niall.

Millies P.O.V.

Louis is probably one of the stupidest people evr living. I mean, your WIFE is pregnant and you just decide to go around, saying "hey, wanna make out? i have a wife but i dont care, its not like shes THAT pretty. " god, i hate louis. poor el.


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