Forever together

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30. The secret's out

Liam P.O.V:

I laid next too Breanna as she started too cry.I felt bad killing Niall. He meant everything too Breanna and I just ruined it.I hope Breanna will not ever find out because if she does she will hate me forever.

Breanna P.O.V:

I woke up seeing Liam sleeping so I went into the kitchen too get some milk.I saw a bloody knife and thought that Liam had something too do with it.I walked into the room and still saw Liam sleeping soundly but not for long.I woke him up by shaking him and yelling.He fluttered his eyes open.

"Remember this",I asked,throwing the knife on the bed next too him.

He started too cry.

"I'm sorry I-",I cut him off.

"Fuck you",I flicked him off and ran into Emily's room.

"Liam killed Niall"!I yelled,crying as well.

She had a surprised look on her face and told Harry.He started too cry.

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