Forever together

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15. The make-out session!

Harry P.O.V:

She was gorgeous and her hair was so bright and her green eyes.I stared at the painting seeing how she looked just like the girl I drew!I continued too kiss around her neck.It was my favorite place too kiss her and I felt more comfortable with her than I was with Eleanor.I was still her friend in all so why even say that.I stopped and she just stared at me with nothing too say.She started tearing up but tried to back away the tears. 

Emily P.O.V:

We had not even kiss for months and I started too cry!He held me and kissed my head and started rubbing my stomach!I smiled remembering all the kisses we shared.All the moments we had and all the things we did that were crazy.He than turned me around and I knew that look on his face.The make-out time face.It was usauly a grin and looking in the eyes kind of look.

Harry P.O.V:

I leaned in too kiss her and we met lips and started rubbing them together.I stuck my tongue out and licked her bottom lip so she could open her mouth.She opened it and I spun it around in her mouth and I think she loved every minute of it!I kissed her cheek. She went too sleep and all I said was "I love you"!

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