Forever together

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29. The funeral!

Breanna P.O.V:

I hugged Niall as we were sleeping and than he started too cough and grunt and move around!I tried too calm down but I couldn't stop him.I went too Harry and Emily and I woke them up.They went in Niall's room and called the hospital!We drove too the hospital and I gave him too a doctor as he ran too room 211.I waited in my seat and I was shaking and tapping my foot.I couldn't breath right!I felt terrified and horrible.I started too cry more and than Liam walked up too me and hugged me.He knew how sad I was and stuff so he began too cry!

"Why are you crying for me"?I said looking down.

"I feel really sorry for you and I miss Niall too".He stared in my eyes and I couldn't look away.

We were going too kiss!

Harry P.O.V:

I went in Niall's room and saw him there,probably dead by now.I cried and some of my tears fell on his face.I walked out and sat on the floor with Emily and cried more.Emily was exploding with tears and she looked so upset.I hugged her and we didn't say anything.We were only crying.

Breanna P.O.V:

I felt my lip touch his.I kissed him gently and felt like heaven.I pushed away and we started too kiss again and I started too giggle when his hair started too touch my cheek.I nearly almost forgot about Niall but then I saw Harry and Emily crying than I started too cry!I was tired.I couldn't feel my head because it was hurting when Niall was in the room yelling!I went in Niall's room and saw a lifeless body laying right in front of me! I cried and kissed his cheek and hugged him.The doctors came in and told me he was dead!So we left the hospital and had a funeral for him.Everybody was there.We said are words and ate food but I felt bad not eating with Niall so I just didn't eat.When we left I had too eat something so I ate a Granola Bar.Than I went too bed sleeping.

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