Forever together

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25. The Baby

Harry P.O.V:

I hugged Emily and we sat on the coach too watch movies together.When it was 12:00 we went in my room and went too sleep.



Emily P.O.V:I laid on the coach with Harry and my big belly.I was so comfortable until I felt a slight kick in me and more and more!I got up and started yelling.Harry picked me up and took me too the hospital.I went in the emergency room while Harry waited outside of the door.

"AHHHHHHH"I only said that and breathed.I was so scared.

Harry P.O.V:

I started too get nervous when I heard Emily yelling like a animal.I never heard her yell like that in my life!The doctors come out and greeted me in.As I walked in there I saw Emily and little Darcy in her hands!I called the boys and they came in.Louis ran in first!

Louis P.O.V:I cried as I looked at the baby!

"Can I hold her"?I asked as I let my arms out.

I grabbed the little baby and tickled her tummy.She laughed.

"You are going too be a great Uncle"Emily and Harry said as they looked at me .Harry started too cry.

The baby was healthy.It had green eyes with curly brown hair and dimples.She was gorgeous!I gave her too the other boys and they cried as they gave it back too Emily.I was so happy for them.

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