Forever together

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6. sleeping

Emily P.O.V:

"I'm going too go take a warm shower"!Louis sighed.

"Okay,good too know".

He smiled and left when Harry came by.He looked down and back at me!I looked confused.

"So you really like Louis,don't you"?Harry asked with a smirk.

"Yea,sorry for breaking up with you and I know you are really upset but you need too calm down".

He looked down and nodded.I patted his back and gave him a hug.He started tearing up.I stared in his green eyes and couldn't help not crying.I rubbed my eyes and it got silent for about 3 minutes.We stopped crying and I looked in his eyes and smiled.He giggled!He always giggled when I laughed or smiled.He started dancing when some music turned on but I stopped him.He was not very good at dancing!He started too laugh.Louis walked in and started dancing and shaking his wet hair everywhere!We started laughing.He sat next too me and put his arm around me as Harry stared at us.

"I will leave you two alone".Harry said looking down.

My smile turned into a slight frown but I was trying too smile so I wouldn't make Louis sad.He hugged me and I moved to the other side laying down as he was laying down next too me!He stroked my brown hair as I rubbed his nice caramel colored smooth hair.I went too sleep as Louis slowly closed his eyes.

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