Forever together

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9. Nothing felt right!

Louis P.O.V:

It felt weird when I hugged her.It felt like it wasn't real!She let go of my grip and got in the room too put some PJ's on.I did also.We wore matching pajamas and laid on the couch snuggled in a blanket watching some television.We dozed off.

Harry P.O.V:

I walked in the living room to see Emily and Louis sleeping together on the coach all snuggled.We used too do that.The feeling inside me made me want too punch something but I knew Emily did not like Louis more than she liked me!I got mad and took one of Zayn's frames!I did not know what I was doing,I don't know how do draw but I learned a little from Emily.She was a great drawer.Zayn was too but Emily was a little better.

I started getting paint and put it all in my room and started too draw.I drew everything that was in my mind.Louis,the feel of breaking up and Emily was all on that canvas!I didn't even like Eleanor so I just did not draw her.I even knew she missed Louis as much as I missed Emily!

Emily P.O.V:

I woke up and saw Louis with some tears in his eyes from the show and I wiped them away.As I did he woke up.

"Hey sleepy head"!I yelled throwing a pillow at him."Did those tears wake you up"?I teased.

"No",He looked away blushing like crazy.

I loved it when boy's blushed no matter who it was!He kissed my forehead and left too get some coffee

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