Forever together

Give me ideas in comments PLEASE!Also put your name there so I van put your name in the story. lu my little readers.


3. Mix-up

Emily pov:

I smiled.Louis lifted up my chin gently and so softly so I could see his eyes.He leaned in too kiss me until I saw Eleanor in the corner of my eye!I pushed him away and the look in his eyes made me know that he knew what I was doing.He turned and high-five Eleanor!I laughed and he high-five me too.I started too blush

"Don't worry,I know ya'll guys were about too kiss but that's normal.I kiss Harry all the time"!Eleanor said trying too hold a laugh.

We both smiled and giggled at the same time blushing like crazy!Harry walked up and he patted my head and smiled too looking in my eyes.Harry and me broke up a couple of weeks ago and it's been crazy!Its surprising that me and Eleanor switched boyfriends!But we gotten over it so we were good with it.Harry and Eleanor left and thought that me and Louis should be left alone.

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