Forever together

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10. Meet Brianna

Emily P.O.V:

He walked up too me and gave me some tea.He was talking about how much he loves me.But I just sat there thinking about Harry.The green eyes and the cute dimples when he smiles and the nice curly locks of hair that danced in the breeze.Everything was perfect about him.

Louis had to go somewhere for a couple of hours and so I called my best friend Brianna.The phone rang as I waited for her too pick up!

"Hey",Brianna sighed.

"Whats wrong"!?I asked her.she was usaully so happy and cheery!

"Nothing,just relaxing.Oh and is going out with a Louis a success"?!She asked me and I could tell she was eager too know.

I sighed and told her I wanted Harry back and he is upset,Eleanor is upset and,Louis is also but he is just trying too hide it.She agreed and said goodbye.I dropped my phone on my bed and lied there taking a nice breezy nap.

Brianna P.O.V:

She sounded upset when I asked her about Louis!She did not like him and I didn't blame her.Besides,she loves Harry and that's fine,she can love anybody she likes.I am not controlling her love life!I would never do that!I went too Emily's house and knocked on the door. Zayn greeted me in and as soon as I walked in I saw Emily sitting on the couch!

"Hey Emily"!I yelled as she shot up like a rocket!

We held hands and jumped around while Zayn watched laughing!I had not seen Emily for a couple months now and she is here!I love her!She was like my sister too me.We went out shopping at malls and stores and ate at Nando's.It was fun until we said are goodbyes and went home.I was upset but knew I could see her again soon!She was of for a month!It was just the beginning!

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